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  • What's up guy or girl, hope you're doing well. If you got sent this video it can only mean

  • one thing: You're a hater.

  • Whether it's hating on a sports team, a specific individual, or just all things good

  • in life. You hate like it's your job, despite not

  • getting paid for it. While it may be difficult to stop, and you

  • may experience some withdrawals initially... Statistics show, in a double-blind study,

  • that drinking Haterade actually has no nutritional value.

  • In addition to this, a hater's life expectancy is 67 years shorter than a non-hater.

  • Remember no one likes a hater...even those people that wear shirts that say

  • “I love hatersThey don't really love you.

  • They just need an excuse to wear a shirt that they probably over-paid for.

  • Physiologically speaking, it takes someone 17 muscles to smile...but to hate it takes

  • over 5,047 muscles. It's science.

  • The person who sent you this video would like to encourage you to really explore where the

  • root of your hatred stems from. Perhaps your football team is garbage, your

  • parents might even be haters themselves, or maybe your girlfriend cheated on you with

  • a non-hater. Whatever the cause may be,

  • remember hate is a learned behavior and it can be un-learned by something I like

  • to call: "Stop being a douchebag"  

  • We here at urge you to stop hating.

  • And while we realize that some of you may indeed heed the warnings of this video

  • we still realize that Haters Gonna Hate

  • New videos every Sunday. No Jugamos Juegos.

  • Throw me the alley. If you're listening to this message

  • It can only mean one thing: It's your birthday! Happy Birthday!

  • Your friend was kind enough to find this video on YouTube and post it on your Facebook.

  • I'm a grown man.

What's up guy or girl, hope you're doing well. If you got sent this video it can only mean


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一般的な嫌われ者は嫌われる (Generic Haters Gonna Hate)

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