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  • six days ago.

  • Little Big Planet 456 asked for Maura Online.

  • Scary flash games.

  • So because the sauce delivers, I'm gonna do that right now, along with some funny and just straight up creative games.

  • They're all free and they're all online, and links to them are in the description.

  • First, the funny ones.

  • The only point of this game is to make Harry Potter in her mind.

  • Kiss before Ron Malfoy or double Door can catch them.

  • But, hey, how about avoiding pop ups?

  • That is all you do in this game, and as such, it is called The realistic Internet simulator I don't even know is hilarious.

  • Each mission is a completely new, ungrammatical little speak challenge.

  • Click in Steve Easy.

  • Here we go.

  • It's a weight.

  • It could stop it stuff just okay, Got it, Got it, got it.

  • But now a couple scary games.

  • This point and click game is based on Alison Wonderland.

  • You have to use and find items in trippy ways to find your way out.

  • The only problem is, Alice is dead.

  • Something about the art style in this game freaks me out, but really all you have to do is find and click the play button.

  • It gets pretty creative and weird.

  • Speaking of which, let's cover some creative games here.

  • You don't shoot missiles, you are a missile.

  • You move your mouse to steer yourself and aim through slots.

  • It's pretty disorienting, but not as much as the disorientation game, where the level warp skews and twists, making you dizzy and making it difficult to move yourself around.

  • Even with something as simple as the arrow keys.

  • Drop play is my favorite type of game.

  • You get to control your character with the arrow keys and then draw the level yourself, avoid spikes and get creative with how you draw yourself away from danger.

  • You can even do it like this.

  • All right.

  • Now, here's a game I played last night for longer than I really care to admit.

  • In this game.

  • You get a number of territories and you can attack enemy territories and claim them.

  • If your zone has the same number of dice or Maur on it than the one you're attacking.

  • When you attacked, both zones have to roll their die, and if you have the highest sum you win, here's a game that looks just like the perspective.

  • Illusions I've shown I n g.

  • You have to move your mouse toe.

  • Look around until you're looking from the one angle where the three D cloud of floating dots magically lying to form what looks like a flat Tootie image?

  • If your brain needs a break and it wants funny stuff, here's a game where you have to be secret with your farts standing at a bus stop let gases, but only when loud cars drive by.

  • If other people catch wind of your end, you're busted.

  • But if you don't fart enough, the gas builds up and your body explodes, just like in real life.

  • But it gets worse.

  • Here's a Japanese game where you poke butts and avoid poop, which is a pretty good place to wrap things up.

  • I love doing videos off of your recommendations, so if you have any ideas about the saucer visas to videos, you'd like to see types of images topics you want.

  • Cool fax on.

  • Let me know in the comments below or over facebook dot com slash v sauce gaming until next time.

  • Thanks for watching, but now I've got a special treat for you Scream Team Show has a brand new music video out with some excellent moves and some excellent Optimus Prime tow.

  • Watch it, collect the video and lost.

six days ago.


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