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  • a water powered jetpack and step right up.

  • Get just stuff, girl heads, Pea sauce.

  • Kevin here, this is mind blowing.

  • The super Jenna Tory blew everyone away in 2008 by combining an Atari 2600 Genesis.

  • Any s and super any s into one sexy package bullet scale it all back with this cartridge console.

  • It's a functioning any s build inside a copy of Super Mario Brothers.

  • Oh, and if you want to build your own, click the link below for detailed instructions, There's nothing like enjoying a can of Marv's and a pack of soup.

  • These living turns are actually magnetic gels that someday could be used for artificial robot muscles.

  • And these glowy tree pods are designed to convert CEO to toe oxygen without requiring soil and water.

  • They're made from recycled plastic drinking models, have solar panels instead of leaves and seesaws.

  • A little Billy can build up kinetic energy.

  • My only question is, why is this girl meaning if you want to enjoy the great outdoors but love being inside bubbles just by a bubble tree tent, they have several varieties, including treehouse bubbles.

  • Hey, what you doing this weekend fighting with electric swords.

  • That's cool.

  • Classic handhelds can be a bit pricey, but thankfully you can now play many of them online.

  • This website is actually pretty incredible.

  • Definitely check this one out.

  • Too many books could make a great desk, and too many marvels are a good excuse for marble machines.

  • This guy has a ton of these with different lifts, drops and obstacles, many of which are interchangeable.

  • And if you want a simple in design yet highly addictive puzzle game check out block drop, let me know how far you can get in one city.

  • Say hello to tear a ruse, a shoulder mounted avatar that lets you experience life through the mike and camera attached to your friend.

  • For some reason, finally, here's an epic video highlighting video game debts Way with Theo.

  • You're going through one hole, but you come out through three holes.

  • Once you're inside, you're ready to go outside, but once you're outside, you're still inside.

  • What is it?

  • Leave your answer in the comments below, and we're going to do the genius of the week a little differently this time.

  • It's a number scavenger hunt.

  • I've hit in six clues each clue leads to a number four clues are on this Page one is at facebook dot com slash v sauce gaming, and the last is in fact number two.

  • Find all six clues.

  • Figure out the numbers and add them all up.

  • Give us the total and leave your answer in the comments below the first person To do so correctly will be our genius of the week.

  • Here's your first clue.

  • I got it Good luck and is always thanks for watching.

a water powered jetpack and step right up.


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