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  • things.

  • Catchy dance about preventive measures against the Corona virus is spreading, hopefully faster than the virus itself.

  • A Vietnamese dancer coordinated the moves to go with the song released by Vietnam's Institute of Occupation and Environmental Health.

  • Public Service Announcement urges people to wash hands and rub rub rub evenly.

  • Do not touch eyes, nose and mouth limit visits to crowded places to push the virus away.

  • Rendition dubbed Jen Kobe, which is Vietnamese for Corona virus, is sparking a new Tic Tac Dance Challenge with the hash tag.

  • Gen Cove Challenge.

  • John Oliver compared it to the next best thing since the Rubber Ducky song on Sesame Street.

  • The songs Incredible.

  • It makes all other songs about washing yourself look like trash.

  • I'm talking to you here early, while other artists while they're out there innovating.

  • You kept singing the same old ducky song.

  • You lost the hunger Son dancers are asking people participating to perform the six handwashing movements share and tag.

  • Two friends choreographer cited research from M I.

  • T.

  • That 78% of people say they wash their hands often, but only 25% actually do it.

  • After using the bathroom and only 20% do it before cooking simple steps to contain the virus and make it so people find it hard to forget to wash their hands for inside edition dot com I'm Lisa.

  • Avoid taking.



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