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this is CNN Tan.
Welcome to everyone watching around the world.
My name is Carla Zeus happy you're joining us for a look.
Att International Events Oil has been front and center in headlines and stock markets since an attack was carried out against oil facilities in Saudi Arabia last Saturday.
No one was hurt, but Saudi Arabia exports more oil than any other country, and half of its production was temporarily disrupted.
That caused a surge in oil prices when international stock markets opened on Monday.
Oil is sold by the barrel.
Each barrel is equal to 42 gallons a barrel of Brent crude oil.
A world standard was selling for around $60 a barrel last Friday before the attack happened afterward.
On Monday, the price of Brent crude had risen toe almost $72 at one point.
That was its biggest increase in history and it had an impact on stock markets around the world.
But the higher price didn't hold.
It had settled back down to less than $64 a barrel.
The reasons why the Reuters news agency reported that Saudi Arabian oil production would be back to normal in 2 to 3 weeks.
And on Tuesday, the Middle Eastern countries energy minister said that Saudi Arabia would use its reserves around the world to make sure it's oil exports would stay the same despite the damaged facility.
So stock market investors saw all this is good news for the world's oil supply and prices decreased.
Meantime, an international investigation is trying to figure out who conducted the attack.
The United States government official told CNN that circuit boards from one of the weapons used have been recovered and that they indicate that both drones and missiles were used in the attack.
The official says Iran is a suspect, though that country denies being involved.
We mentioned that Saudi Arabia has oil reserves available to decrease the impact of a disruption like this.
The U.
Also has storage facilities known as the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
President Donald Trump said yesterday that he doesn't think oil from that will be needed right now, But he indicated that the U.
S is prepared to open the reserve if necessary.
United States might be one of the world's largest producers of oil, but that doesn't stop it from keeping a huge backup stash of crude.
The Strategic Petroleum Reserve, or the SP R, is the world's largest emergency storage of oil.
It can hold up to 713 million barrels of crude, providing several months worth of import protection to the U.
The U.
S government says the oil reserves access a deterrent to oil imports being suddenly cut off.
SP R is a government complex of foresight stretching along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast.
The oil is stored 2000 to 4000 feet underground.
America's emergency reserve came about after the 1973 to 74 Arab oil embargo 1975.
President Gerald Ford signed the law creating the emergency reserve on Lee.
The U.
S president can order the SP are to be used, and so far this has happened just three times.
First, when the United States attacked Iraq in 1991 President Bush announced that the decision to release oil was made to help minimize market disruptions.
The reserve was again used in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina is devastation of the oil infrastructure along the Gulf of Mexico, with a 2011 civil unrest in Libya disrupting crude oil supply.
The SP R was tapped yet again.
A total of 60 million barrels of oil were released on the world market.
Oil drawn from the emergency reserve has to be pulled out of storage first and then sold on the market.
And this can take about two weeks.
You 12th trivia.
When great white sharks are born, they are known as what pumps, calves, nips or hatchlings.
A baby shark do do do do do do are known as pumps, and from the moment they're born, they're on their own.
Despite the fact that they're probably the most well known species of shark, there's not a lot known about their lives.
Everything from their social behavior to their mating habits to where they give birth is a mystery.
And scientists also don't know why they occasionally attack humans.
Whether it's because they mistake us for food are just checking to see if we are or if they're just hungry and there's not much else around to eat.
What is known is that humans are sharks, biggest enemy.
That's why researchers in today's great big story are trying to study, monitor and conserve these animals.
If you're afraid of coming down and going swimming in the ocean because of sharks, you should be terrified to make a piece of toast.
400 people died last year from defective toasters, whereas less than 10 did from sharks.
This is the first large shark expedition like this in the western Gulf will be Tagen, hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks and mako sharks trying to understand how they're leveraging the gulf and their birthing, mating and full migratory patterns.
We'll be getting up every day.
Just before dawn.
The fishing team will be going out, getting all of our lines rigged and ready to go.
And then we'll get the ship in position with a lift in the water and we'll be looking to capture.
Bring sharks back to the lift, lift them up out of the water.
Once we do that, the whole team of scientists from 1/2 dozen institutions will circle around the shark and we'll conduct 12 research projects in about 15 minutes, then release the shark and open source the tracking to the world so that everyone can follow it.
What we're finding is that these massive sharks have huge, huge movements across the ocean.
We have one of these white sharks.
Lydia, who's travelled over 35,000 miles in just two years, very, very regular for these sharks to be swimming 1000 miles a month, which is why it's so important to figure out where they go.
We're losing 200,000 sharks a day for shark fin soup, 100 year.
You know people need to understand an ocean with no sharks means an ocean with no fish.
They are the lion, the balance keeper of the ocean.
And if they are not there, the whole food chain collapses.
This is a simple battle way.
Got to solve the puzzle of these sharks lives to make sure they flourish and make a difference for the future.
So while they're trying to learn about sharks, researchers at a German university are trying to learn about rat.
It's been well documented that these animals can learn tricks like other pets.
But can they learn to play games like hide and seek rewarding rats by tickling them whenever they hid from scientists or found them?
Researchers say the animals not only learned to play, they learn strategies like choosing to hide an opaque boxes instead of clear ones and staying quieter while they were hiding.
Researchers also say the rat squealed whenever they won, so it's possible they understood what was happening.
It has long been known that Red engaged in simple forms of play like a rough and tumble play a bit like a boy's wrestling kind of games.
But we wanted to see if they can also be more complex games and they're hiding, came to mine, wait, put it in the dark box and closer and then remotely open it.
And then the animals knew that it was their turn.
What they were doing was search system, especially the room.
They would also look for us and they have a ritual do.
They would find us in no time.
All but they would.
They would memorize that we did it.
So you used to sell the same highly placed a couple of times they find you're in no time do way.
Before we bounced, we'd like to draw your CNN attention to an inflatable castle that would make the ultimate party rental for a super sweet 16.
This is the biggest bounce house on earth.
It covers 10,000 square feet, which makes it more than four times bigger than the average American home.
Inside, you'll find everything from a basketball court in a ball pit to an obstacle course, and the dance stage course of gravity is weighing you down.
This can help you rebound by putting spring in every step along your moonwalk on an inflatable estate.
That's an undeniable escape, where you'll be walking on air right where you want to jump jump as the king of the castle that has its very own fan club, assuming the $25 ticket fee doesn't completely deflate your wallet, Carla Zoos and that CNN tent.


Recent Rise and Fall of Oil Prices | September 18, 2019

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