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  • This is the lot begging lawyer.

  • And I'm back at the Red Team alliance training facility with deviant Olaf.

  • And we are continuing our video Siris on waste of I pass this door and how you can hard in your doors against these attacks today.

  • I think you said you were gonna go under the door to open it up as we are.

  • What do you have there?

  • What is that Long tool?

  • This is something that many people have already seen.

  • The classic under the door style tool.

  • However little bit different Shout out to the not so civil engineer if you're part of lock picking, read it.

  • Who had the inspiration of using a nice long qi back real device to police up that cord fighting with it?

  • Wrapping up on yourself is one of the biggest things that Stein these people trying to use one of these.

  • So we love his modification.

  • He's here with us today and let me borrow it.

  • Okay, let's open this door.

  • That was way too fast.

  • Okay, So have we harden our doors against this?

  • Well, like the over the door attack, right?

  • If I can reach that inside handle and get reliable purchase on it, get it moving.

  • That's usually a ballgame.

  • You could try that shroud that I mentioned last time.

  • There are smaller, and maybe we'll call it more elegant solutions.

  • Or at least funny or ones the albino alligator protecting your latch.

  • If you haven't seen it, ask one of us to tweet the photos.

  • Ultimately, though, this door gap doesn't need to be that big.

  • I understand the door can't drag along the floor, but there are items called dynamic door bottoms or articulating door sill caps anything that can cause a really hard barrier down there and prevent the insurgent foreign objects.

  • I'll help you out.

  • Okay, folks, if you want to learn more about covert entry methods like this and defenses against them, head on over to Red Team alliance dot com for their training schedule.

  • In any case, that's all I have for you today.

  • If you do have any questions or comments about this, please put them below you like this video and let to see more like it.

  • Please subscribe and, as always, have a nice day.

This is the lot begging lawyer.


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979] ドアを開けるためにドアの下に手を伸ばす?(デヴィアン・オーラムと) ([979] Reaching UNDER a Door To Open It? (With Deviant Ollam))

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