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  • So we've had quite a long float judgment.

  • Very well.

  • Welcome to any of the local time here Has just gone ahead.

  • Minutes past five, and then a short drive.

  • And here I am, in a hotel room in Geneva.

  • And, yes, we're visiting the Large Hadron Collider it soon.

  • So have I got everything I need for the next couple of days filming?

  • Let's do the checklist here.

  • Let's have a bit of a look.

  • Passport check.

  • Got my UK Europe power adapter.

  • Spare tapes.

  • I hope I don't need more than 10.

  • Got, Ah, socks and toothbrush, just in case.

  • My Oxford Dictionary of Physics.

  • But perhaps most important of all, I've got my very own 60 symbols.

  • Particle physicist?

  • Yes, it's Professor Ed Copeland.

  • I never leave home without him, and we've been joined by Tony tomorrow as well.

  • So we're gonna have a full arsenal, and it's quite unusual for you to get to find out what we're filming before we do it.

  • So here's a chance to ask some questions.

  • Tell us what you might like to see what you might like to hear the guys talk about when we're at the Large Hadron Collider.

  • just leave your comments underneath the video in the usual way, but that's it for now.

  • From the hotel room, we're off for dinner, but tomorrow will be filming and the next day, and hopefully you'll start seeing the videos next week.

So we've had quite a long float judgment.


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ジュネーブからのメッセージ-60のシンボル (Message from Geneva - Sixty Symbols)

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