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  • great disgrace.

  • Movie mogul Harvey Weinstein is spending his first night in custody after being found guilty of rape.

  • And look, that's the walker Weinstein has been using throughout this trial being wheeled out of court, Weinstein was not placed in a jail cell, were told he was taken to a medical facility on Rikers Island, New York's most notorious prison.

  • Because of his age and serious medical issues, theme networks broke into programming to report the dramatic verdict.

  • You could feel the tensions in the room as the verdict was being read.

  • Weinstein himself was surrounded by several court officers at the defense table and remained stoic throughout the reading of the verdict.

  • He was placed in forward facing handcuffs and had difficulty standing without his walker.

  • What did he say to you after I'm innocent?

  • I'm innocent.

  • I'm innocent.

  • How could this happen in America?

  • I'm in it.

  • Minutes after the verdict, there was an angry confrontation outside Manhattan Criminal Court between firebrand attorney Gloria Allred and Weinstein's defense team is going to make a choice because we have to go do some work, so you need to hear from the different you could hear.

  • You're not going to silence me again.

  • Oh, yes, you are.

  • You guys are gonna hear from us.

  • Well, really Manhattan D A.

  • Cyrus Vance Jr also spoke out.

  • Harvey Weinstein has finally been held accountable for crimes he committed.

  • The women who came forward courageously and at great risk made that happen.

  • The jury of seven men and five women deliberated for 22 hours.

  • They were seen leaving court together.

  • What happened in the jury room?

  • This juror refused to talk about the verdict.

  • The name of one juror can now be revealed.

  • She is author Amanda Brainard, who wrote a novel about an old man seducing much younger women.

  • One Weinstein accuser.

  • Italian model Amber Gutierrez was at the courthouse.

  • I was super happy.

  • I was jumping for joy, was with my best friend and cry it for about an hour.

  • Weinstein was found guilty of raping actress Jessica Man and sexually assaulting former production assistant Miriam Hallie.

  • But despite the testimony of Sopranos actress Annabelle A.

  • She or a, he was found not guilty of the most serious charge of predatory sexual assault, which would have meant a life prison sentence.

  • An attorney for several Weinstein accusers spoke about the heroism of the women who testified.

  • We know that there are many other victims of Harvey Weinstein who were not testifying at this trial, but their voice was heard through the six courageous woman guys.

great disgrace.


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法廷での有罪判決にハーヴェイ・ワインスタインがどう反応したか (How Harvey Weinstein Reacted to Guilty Verdict in Court)

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