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  • Hi, I'm Hank green.

  • And I'm John Green.

  • It's been a while since we last checked in with you all, so we wanted to give you

  • an update on what's new with Crash Course.

  • First, we've made some changes to our Patreon! Head to to check out

  • the sweet benefits we're currently offering.

  • When you become a member, you immediately get access to every post we've ever made

  • that's available at that tier, which at this point is quite a lot. Seriously, there

  • are over a thousand patron-only posts you could potentially unlock, including livestreams,

  • outtakes, digital calendars, and much more.

  • By becoming a member, you're joining a community of people who value making high-quality educational

  • content available to everyone for free, and we are very grateful for that. The community on

  • Patreon is really special, and we love having you along for the ride. Thank you.

  • As for channel updates, we are currently uploading three videos a week: European History, Business,

  • and AI, which just launched and features Jabril Ashe and John Green Bot.

  • Who according to a recent poll is the world's most handsome robot. (The poll went to one

  • person. I polled myself. I am a big fan of John Green Bot.)

  • Business Soft Skills was a super helpful series with Evelyn from the Internets, covering things

  • like negotiation, time management, setting goals, and basically all the things that make

  • us better at being in the workforce.

  • The next part of our business series is about entrepreneurship and how to start your own

  • business, hosted by Anna Akana someone who knows quite a bit about that.

  • Our on-deck series are Geography, which will likely include both physical and human geography, and

  • Organic Chemistry.

  • I know O Chem can be a difficult ride, I remember, so hopefully this series will help you out, maybe you,

  • and show you how cool Organic Chemistry can be.

  • We're also really excited to bring you more mini series,

  • including one about linguistics!

  • And in 2020, we're adding another dimension to Crash Course with an app! It will launch

  • with flashcards to go along with our anatomy and physiology series, and over time we're

  • hoping to add more features and functionality.

  • And as we continue to grow, and do new things, your input means a lot to us. Hearing from our viewers helps

  • us make decisions about this channel, so we put together a survey to learn more about

  • you and how we can make Crash Course as useful to you as possible.

  • It would really help us out if you would take a few minutes to fill out the survey. The

  • link is in the description.

  • Thanks for watching and learning with us.

  • And as they say in our hometown, don't forget to be awesome.

Hi, I'm Hank green.


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