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  • Wake up feeling whiney with Merlot-infused coffee.

  • Containing red berry flavor with subtle hints of currants and blackberries.

  • There's no alcohol but there is caffeine so fill up your morning with

  • This awesome mug...”

  • SHH!

  • But I..”

  • you may speak.

  • Okay awesome because…”

  • Nevermind time to poop Because this is LÜT!

  • PARdon me I'm perfecting my put with the potty putter which comes with a putting green,

  • cup and flag, putter, “Do Not DisturbDoor Hanger and 2 golf balls.

  • Then drop the putter and pick up the peanut butter.

  • almond butter, cashew butter, and so much more with the Nostalgia Professional

  • Peanut Butter and Nut Butter Maker.

  • Go nuts pouring up to a pound into the see-through hopper. Then fill the oil dispenser, and turn

  • it on.

  • Your days of only one food spread are over because now you have the whole kit 'n'

  • fondoodle.

  • Hot glue gun for cheese.

  • Load the canister with the cheese of your choosing, snap it into the body, plug it in,

  • and...Whoa look at you, Vincent Van-GOUDA!

  • What a MUNSTERful BRIEation.

  • If you prefer your food floating feast on the flavorful fun of edible bubbles.

  • For a more durable dish try this make your own gourmet chocolate pizza kit.

  • It comes with a 7 inch tin and all the ingredients you need to make your pie delicious, gloat-worthy,

  • and goat-worthy.

  • Measured on the Animal Novelty Metric Scale.

  • It works like a normal scale except it lets you know what animal you weigh as much as.

  • Okay, stepping on it now. Please don't be the whale PLEASE don't be the whale. Ahh!

  • PHEWY!

  • the color Copying Chameleon Lamp.

  • A radiant reptile who changes color depending on what it's sitting on.

  • Want a blue Huey?

  • Place it on a blue platform.

  • Green?

  • You know what to do.

  • Put it on a green thing. A thing that's green.

  • Just because Huey blends in with his surroundings doesn't mean you have to so stand tall and

  • proud with

  • The Smart Wearable Posture Trainer.

  • Designed to reduce pain and increase productivity.

  • Place it on your back and every time you slouch it will vibrate. *zzzz* That's my vibrate sound effect.

  • Sync it to your smartphone to keep track of your posture progress.

  • Wow you're doing great! You're on fire!

  • Wait.

  • That's your lotion.

  • When this candle is lit, the wax melts at a low temperature, turning it into warm body butter.

  • When it's cold, it can be used as solid perfume to waft smells up in the sky...

  • It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a bionic bird drone

  • that's controlled by your smartphone, flies indoors and outdoors at up to 12 miles per hour.

  • You know what they say, the early bird drone gets the worm so have a good night's sleep

  • With the Sound Asleep iMusic Pillow.

  • It works as a speaker to lull you to sleep more comfortably than headphones without disturbing

  • those around you.

  • Now bust out your NarWHALLET

  • for these heated narwhal slippers.

  • And there's s'more USB heated slippers where that came from.

  • But to create a marshMELLOW ambience

  • Use the holiday illuminated sheers that have 200 LED lights to cast a festive glow.

  • Now glow be the light of any holiday party with

  • The crackling fireplace digital christmas sweater.

  • That has a secure pocket for your smartphone on the front.

  • Download the free app with the animation, slide it in, and double tap to turn it on

  • or off.

  • Novelty digital clothing?

  • Now that's got my Seal of Approval. I approve.

  • And as always, thanks for watching.

Wake up feeling whiney with Merlot-infused coffee.


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ホットチーズガン!-- リュート (Hot Cheese Gun! -- LÜT)

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