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  • So say your vector field green bean casserole is in the oven,

  • and now it's time to think about a nice, crispy onion topping.

  • Normal people might just use, for instance,

  • French's French fried onions in a can,

  • put super awesome people use a real French person,

  • and real fresh onions, to make their own fresh onion toroids.

  • And they fry free linked with the Brunnian property

  • to get Borromean onion rings.

  • The Borromean rings show up in many forms,

  • they come flat and in 3D, round, rectangly, triangly.

  • But, the important thing is not the way the rings appear,

  • but the way they are connected to each other.

  • The thing about the Borromean rings

  • is that no two of the rings are actually linked together.

  • Ignore the pink and look at just the green and brown.

  • They're sitting on top of each other, not linked.

  • And if you just look at the green and pink,

  • or pink and brown, it's the same thing.

  • And yet, all three together are linked inseparably.

  • So to make your Borromean rings out of onion rings,

  • you will have to cut one of your rings

  • and then fasten it back together with a toothpick or something,

  • which can be removed after frying.

  • Or you can use the fourth dimension.

  • And luckily I have a four-dimensional guest

  • to help me out.

  • If you're stuck in three dimensions,

  • you can think of it like this.

  • Here I've got an outside ring and an inside ring.

  • Now, the third ring which I have cut,

  • is going to go outside of the outside ring,

  • but inside of the inside ring.

  • Each ring is wholly out of, and wholly inside of the other two

  • rings so that no two are linked, but all three are.

  • You can also think of laying two on each other flat, one

  • on top of the other.

  • And then having the third weave through them,

  • so that it goes over the one on top,

  • and under the one on bottom.

  • The result can be made to be flatter or more spherical,

  • in some you can see the relationship that Borromean

  • rings have with braids.

  • Sure the orange, yellow, and red ribbons

  • are all twisted together, but no two strands

  • are twisted together.

  • If I pull out the orange one, the other two fall apart.

  • Some people and cultures and stuff

  • think of this togetherness property

  • as a metaphor for unity.

  • So when you eat Borromean onion rings,

  • you get to feel all deep and symbolic.

  • But don't forget to save enough to put

  • on top of your green bean matherole.

  • And there we go.

  • At this point I've got a gelatinous cranberry cylinder,

  • bread spheres with butter prism, masked potatoes, a vector field

  • green bean matherole with Borromean onion rings,

  • apple pie, and pumpkin tau.

  • All I need is a double helix cut ham,

  • and of course, the crowning glory of this

  • feast which I will tell you about next time.

So say your vector field green bean casserole is in the oven,


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ボロミアオニオンリング (Borromean Onion Rings)

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