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  • Good morning, John.

  • Good morning.

  • It's a reunion video surprise.

  • It's a pizza, Miss Miracle.

  • We didn't plan this.

  • Our cousin is just getting married.

  • Willie did planet.

  • I want to take my shirt off so you could see my Pete.

  • My burnt pizza job.

  • There's only five days left in pizza.

  • Miss.

  • You have to get all of your pizza mosquito right now.

  • A d f tv a dot com Sorry.

  • What were you saying?

  • I recently discovered that you can search all of the vlog brothers comment Now we're going to find out what we look like.

  • According to the really nice people who leave comments on Blood Brothers videos.

  • Almost all of our comments are lovely.

  • Some of these air, not Hank Looks like Minkus from Boy Meets World.

  • I got I want it quite a bit.

  • Yeah, I mean, I see.

  • Okay, but why does middle school John look like Minkus from Boy meets John, You're looking deliciously Jimmy Neutron.

  • Today, Jimmy Neutron looks like the caricature artist at Disneyland was drawing me.

  • You've been getting Jimmy Neutron since, like 2008.

  • In the video where you introduce Henry?

  • Yeah.

  • Sami says hello.

  • I'm James neutrons senior.

  • And this is little Jimmy.

  • Hank looks like handsome squid.

  • Word.

  • I just realized that John looks like the scammer guy who's always trying to say, Look at my house in my Lamborghini in this Lamborghini in that Oh, yeah, totally.

  • Your guy has multiple lamb Bose.

  • He's got it figured out.

  • Holy sh murg s r p of a house head Looks like a Weeble wobble.

  • Yeah, they weevil when they wobble, but they don't fall down Anyone think that Giancana looks like middle aged James Potter?

  • Is that redundant?

  • Isn't James Potter always middle Leon?

  • The Harry Potter books?

  • Well, I think he's sort of late, early aged, and then he's 21 years old, 21 years old.

  • In that case, I feel that James Bader was miscast.

  • There was never a middle aged James Potter that never happened until me.

  • Hank on the guitar looks like one of those proclaim er's from that Scottish twins do.

  • Oh, I also have John really does look like one of the proclaim Er's.

  • They seem like nice lads.

  • I also proclaim all the time Hank looks like the male protagonist of a young adult urban fantasy novel John's nose looks like a pristine piece of plastic.

  • Is it me or does hankel kick the guy from the Welch's Grape Commercials and other Food Network shows?

  • Alton Brown This is why you never do a commercial, because forever after, no matter what else you've done in your life, you're the Welch's grape guy.

  • Also.

  • Apparently, that's one of the Food Network shows.

  • Yeah, there's so many commercials on linear television, it is essentially its own show.

  • John Green looks like Megamind with hair.

  • I look way more like Bernard from Megamind Way.

  • I look back like Bernard from making.

  • I mean, I searched Bernard from Megamind and, like on the third line is a picture of you next to Bernard from Megamind.

  • Normally, I think Hank looks pretty old, but next to John, he looks like a young man.

  • But I think John looks like a young Santa Claus.

  • You're not old.

  • You're like a young Santa Claus.

  • John looks like a tired man trying to look wide awake.

  • Yeah, me to Hank looks like Scott Pilgrim.

  • John's hair looks like the dust from under my bed.

  • If you turn off the volume on one of Hank's videos, it looks like he's conducting an orchestra.

  • John Loki looks like Tom Hanks.

  • I'll take it in that sunglasses, sport coat T shirt combination.

  • Hank looks like every guy who works in a startup and who's tired of his VP of something or other and likes to talk about company culture to cook to.

  • Really, there was a whole separate category of looks like, and that's what John Green looks like when he has a mustache.

  • Let me go through it for you.

  • Great.

  • John Green looks like the guy you glance at.

  • Walmart.

  • John Green looks like an 80 substitute teacher with that stash, and I don't hate it.

  • John Green, International bestselling author and Ned Flanders double with that mustache combo.

  • John Cream looks like the protagonist from the movie Her.

  • The guy you glance at Walmart might be the greatest burn I've ever received in my whole life.

  • All right, we have to go to a wedding.

  • Now we have to go to a wedding.

  • Now your pizza stuff.

  • Dft, be a dot com.

  • I will continue to see you now.

Good morning, John.


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