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  • Jonathan's coming with a very soft clap, the very gentle clap, the very soft clap. Somebody has to explain to me what the hell that means.


  • Hey, it’s Marie Forleo and you are watching MarieTV, the place to be to create a business


  • and life you love. And this, yes, today, this, is Q&A Tuesday. And today’s question comes

    と大好きな人生。そしてこれはそうです 今日はQ&A火曜日です今日の質問は

  • from a lovely lady named Natalie, and Natalie writes:


  • Hi Marie. First off, I love, love, love your show. You are so funny and fun.” Thank

    "こんにちは マリーまず第一に、あなたのショーが大好き、大好き、大好き、大好き。あなたはとても面白くて楽しいです。"ありがとう

  • you so much. “I have a Q looking for your A. I’m a holistic health coach. I just graduated

    本当にありがとうございます。"あなたのAを探しているQがいます。" 私はホリスティックヘルスコーチをしています。私は卒業したばかりの

  • last week and I’m officially starting my business this October. I’ll be moving to

    先週のことですが 今年の10月に正式に起業しますに引っ越すことになりました。

  • Los Angeles from Seattle and I’m thinking of getting into business with my best friend,


  • who is also a health coach, and currently lives there. We both bring different things


  • to the table. I’m big into marketing and PR, and he already has a network in LA and


  • is a social media maniac. I just don’t want to dilute my brand before I even get going


  • by teaming up. Is it ever a good idea to team up right at the start?


  • I also know our work ethics aren’t exactly the same. I’m a super Sagittarius and when


  • I want something I go after it full force. He’s less ambitious and has already told


  • me he plans on working less than 6 hours a day. I love him and I wanna work with him,


  • but not sure if teaming up is such a good idea. If we do team up, do you have any suggestions

    しかし、チームを組むことがそんなに良い考えかどうかはわかりません。チームを組むなら 何か提案はありますか?

  • of things we should discuss before making this partnership official? And if we don’t,

    この提携を公式にする前に 話し合うべきことがあるのか?もしそうしなければ

  • do you have suggestions for other ways we can work together? Thanks so much. So lucky


  • to have stumbled upon MarieTV. XO Natalie

    MarieTVに出くわしました。XO ナタリー"

  • Natalie, that is a fantastic and very big Q that we are gonna A the crap out of right


  • now, so strap yourself in.


  • Here’s the deal, most people jump into business partnerships way too fast and they wind up

    これが取引だ ほとんどの人がビジネスパートナーシップに 飛び込むのが早すぎて 終わってしまう

  • paying the price for it down the road emotionally and financially.


  • You asked if it’s a good idea to ever partner up as youre getting going. Now, of course,


  • there’s a lot of businesses that are very successful that have been partnerships from


  • the get go. And there’s a lot of other businesses who have partnered up in the beginning and


  • have blown up and have gone terribly wrong. So the thing you need to ask yourself is this,

    が吹っ飛んでしまい、ひどい目に遭ってしまいました。そこで自問自答しなければならないのは これです

  • do you wanna partner up because you really wanna partner up? It’s the best thing to


  • do? Or are you afraid that youre not gonna be able to make it on your own?


  • Based on how you asked your Q, I think you already know the answer to this one, that


  • partnering is not such a great idea in this circumstance. But, let’s dig a little bit

    パートナーを組むというのは この状況ではあまりいい考えではありませんしかし、少し掘り下げてみると

  • deeper because I saw 2 red flags in your question.


  • Red flag number one, different work ethics. So, getting any business off the ground takes


  • an enormous amount of work over an extended period of time. So 12 to 16 hour days, especially


  • in the beginning, are not uncommon. You told me that your friend is a little less ambitious


  • and that he’s only planning on working less than 6 hours a day, God bless, and youre


  • a full forced kind of gal. So right off the bat, that’s a huge red flag and I don’t


  • think that that would work out very well.


  • Second red flag is diluting your brand. So one of the things that you mentioned is that


  • you wanna build your own personal brand. Now, if you partner up right from the get go, youre


  • not really building your brand, youre building the partnership’s brand. And that can be

    ブランドを構築しているのではなく パートナーシップのブランドを構築しているのですそれは

  • a really difficult thing to extract yourself from later down the road. So, if youre

    後になって自分を引き離すのは 本当に難しいことですだから、もしあなたが

  • truest desire is to build your own personal wellness brand empire that’s based around


  • you, again, I would not suggest partnering up right at the beginning.


  • So you also asked that if you guys do team up, do I have any suggestions about what you


  • should discuss before you make the partnership official? And, oh Lord, do I! Here’s the

    正式なパートナーシップを結ぶ前に 話し合うべきですか?そして、ああ、主よ、私はそうします!これが

  • thing, if youre gonna go into partnership with anyone, you need what I call a business


  • prenup. This is a legal document that explains exactly what’s gonna happen if one of you


  • wants to leave the partnership or, God forbid, one of you dies.


  • Here’s something I want you to remember, and yes, it’s a tweetable.


  • The best partnerships handle the worst case scenarios in advance.”

    "最高のパートナーシップは 最悪の事態を事前に処理する"

  • You have to think through the worst case scenarios in advance. Just like intimate relationships,


  • at first everything is awesome. Everybody loves each other and youre like, “Oh,

    最初は何もかもが素晴らしいみんなお互いを愛し合っていて 「あぁ」って感じです

  • were never gonna disagree about anything.” But even in the best relationships, challenges

    "何があっても 意見が合わないことはない"しかし、たとえ最高の関係であっても、課題は

  • come up. And, yes, sometimes you want to leave or you want the other person to leave.


  • So if that day comes, you both need to understand exactly how to deal with:


  • The assets of the business - How will you split profits and handle liabilities? Who

    事業の資産 - 利益をどう分割し、負債をどう処理するのか?誰が

  • gets ownership of your customer list? Mailing list? Websites? Intellectual property? Any


  • equipment? The processes and systems youve built? The graphics, branding, photo assets,


  • etcetera?


  • You have to have all of this agreed upon from the get go. It’s the responsible thing to


  • do for your business and for your friendship.


  • Now, here’s the thing Natalie. You and your friend can still leverage each other’s strengths

    ナタリー、ここからが本題だ。君と君の友人は まだお互いの強みを 活用することができる

  • to help grow your businesses without going into business together. One idea is you guys

    一緒にビジネスをしなくても ビジネスを成長させることができるようにするために一つのアイデアは、あなたたちが

  • can just mastermind. You can meet up once every 2 weeks, you spend an hour working on


  • his business, devoting all of your best ideas to help him, and then you switch and you guys

    彼のビジネスのために あなたの最高のアイデアを注ぎ込んで 彼を助けようとしているのに あなたたちは入れ替わって

  • spend the next hour working on your business and he helps you. Another option is for you


  • guys to send each other the business overflow. So if youre fully booked up, you can send

    男同士でお互いにビジネスのオーバーフローを 送り合うことができますだから、あなたが完全に予約されている場合、あなたは送信することができます。

  • him clients and if he’s fully booked up, he can send you clients.


  • So, Natalie, that is my A to your Q. Thank you so much for asking it. Good luck on your

    ナタリー あなたのQに対する私のAです 質問してくれてありがとう頑張ってください。

  • new life in Los Angeles. Please let us know how it goes.


  • Now I wanna hear from you. Have you ever gone into business with a friend? Did it work?


  • Or not so much? Either way, I bet youve got some valuable lessons, some do’s and


  • don'ts that you wish someone wouldve told you at the get go.


  • As always the best stuff happens over at, so go there now, leave me a comment, and tell


  • me all about it.


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  • that only you have. Thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time


  • on MarieTV.


Jonathan's coming with a very soft clap, the very gentle clap, the very soft clap. Somebody has to explain to me what the hell that means.



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