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  • Times feel rough - with natural disasters, major political conflicts and uncertainty

  • about the future.

  • But as the memes roll in about it being a horrible time to be alive, you might be surprised

  • to see your life now vs what it would have been in the past.

  • Much of history actually involves humans succumbing to malnutrition and hunger.

  • In Ancient Egypt, a severe drought could hit and 5-10% of the entire population would die.

  • Of course, things aren't perfect today with 11% of even France suffering from food insecurity

  • - which means their diet is limited due to socio-economic status and they eat less nutritious

  • foods and excess amounts of carbohydrates and salt - but compare this to the years of

  • 1692-1694 when 15% of France's population literally died because food was simply too

  • expensive.

  • Today, while millions do suffer from malnutrition, advancements in technology, government agencies

  • and NGOs help to ensure that most are not dying.

  • In fact, for the first time in human history, more people are overweight than suffering

  • from malnutrition.

  • As homo sapiens began to live in cities, there was a massive increase in disease.

  • In the 1330's a horrifying outbreak of what they believed were demons, bad air or angry

  • gods killed 75-200 million people.

  • We now realize it was the flea dwelling bacterium Yersinia Pestis, known historically as the

  • black plague.

  • But at the time, people really had no idea what was killing them.

  • In 1520 a spanish flotilla heading to Mexico had an individual on it, carrying an early

  • case of smallpox virus.

  • Within 2 months, the disease had killed 1/3rd of Mexico' population.

  • In the years following, there were so many infectious disease outbreaks in Mexico, that

  • the population fell from 22 million to 2 million over the course of only 60 years.

  • People were constantly dying of diseases and nobody knew how to cure them.

  • Remedies at the time included praying, having cold baths, or rubbing black beetles on sores.

  • Even as recently as 1918, the Spanish Flu spread internationally and within a few months

  • 1/3rd of the entire world population was infected, and 3-5% of the world died.

  • Today, most of our flu worries are based around the pain of needles.

  • Modern medicine saves millions of lives.

  • The smallpox vaccine fully eradicated the disease from our planet.

  • When diseases like SARS or Ebola appear and the world prepares for a severe public health

  • emergency, far fewer people die due to international organization, modern technology and continued

  • advancements in medicine.

  • When Europe colonized the Americas, an estimated 100 million people died, though pre-colonization

  • populations of indigenous people is not well documented making some estimates millions

  • higher.

  • As many as 85 million people died in WWII and in ancient agricultural societies, human

  • violence caused 15% of all deaths.

  • Today, human violence accounts for around 1% of deaths.

  • In 2012, only 120,000 died in war, whereas 1.5 million died of diabetes.

  • For the first time in human history when most people consider the future, they don't assume

  • war.

  • As we look to this year, while there is still starvation, disease, war and inequalities,

  • it is drastically better than most of human history.

  • But we must continue to be critical of our government's, challenge companies and rethink

  • the way human society is structured in order to continue progress.

  • By acknowledging the successful human efforts in medical research, economic reform, peace

  • initiatives and governmental support to decrease starvation, disease and violence, we can find

  • hope for the future.

  • Hope is a valuable notion to focus on as we look for a way to be content in a world that,

  • at times, can seem so overwhelmingly bad.

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Times feel rough - with natural disasters, major political conflicts and uncertainty


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