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  • Hey I'm Kevin and I have to say at this point, listen, it's pretty touch panel keyboard.

  • This multifunctional see-through designer keyboard can also turn into a touchpad giving

  • you typing and navigating controls at your fingertips.

  • Give shimmer to your facial lips with Beauty Junky Sparkle lips.

  • This DIY kit is packed with a gloss bond, gold glitter, and an applicator for applying

  • a scintillating snazzy snarl because this is LÜT.

  • Is your pet shedding all over the place?

  • GREAT!

  • The Companion Collection can make you a watch.

  • Send 2-4 oz of shedded animal hair in an airtight bag and it will be transformed into felted fur.

  • It's then heated and formed to a watch band so you can wear a Mr. Whiskers

  • keepsake.

  • And keep sporting fuzzy fauna with Sloth booties!

  • Wait, what do confused sloth's eat?

  • Leaves?

  • No!

  • TACOS!

  • Yes!

  • Nothing looks better with taco footwear than

  • This twinkling star skirt.

  • With 250 tiny LED lights and an inconspicuous battery pack that tucks away, your bottom

  • half can match your

  • Dazzling digits while wearing LED fingers.

  • A pack comes with attachments in red, blue, white, and green so you can party all night with your

  • Light up Teddy bear.

  • A colorful comforting companion that glows without generating heat or heated competition

  • with the help of

  • Glow in the dark golf balls allowing you to golf in the dark.

  • Since this sport mostly consists of searching for balls in deep grass off the fairway these go a long way in helping you find them.

  • With each impact the ball glows for eight minutes and re-triggers with every hit.

  • Stay up to par with

  • Novelty water sports using the Sumo and Splash Guard Combo.

  • Pull this aquatic apparel over your body like a shirt and hold on to the sumo tube as you

  • twist and turn before you stuff yourself with

  • Palatable pancakes, cakes, cakes, cakes, courtesy of Flippin Fantastic.

  • Lay the silicon ring in the pan, pour the batter, and when that side is done, flip it

  • over for the most perfect circular breakfast food ever.

  • Now make it a celebration with

  • Let Them Eat Candles.

  • Edible fire sticks that come in dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate.

  • It's finally safe to lick the frosting off the candle without eating wax so relax and

  • Whip up an illuminated steak with Grillight Grilling Spatula or tongs.

  • A beam of light erupts from the top so you can see what you're doing.

  • Hopefully you're not shy because it lights up your meat for the whole party to see but let's

  • take potential BBQ embarrassment down from a ten to a

  • Zero Blaster which shoots vapor-rings up to 12 feet with a ray-gun sound effect.

  • Its bright LED light makes this the fifth LED product of the episode which deserves a

  • Bouquet of ice cream.

  • These glass stems have mini bowls at the end to fill with tiny tasty treats so you can

  • save room to get freaky with

  • Freak shakes!

  • Choose from Fully Loaded Chocolate or Rainbow for a kit to concoct the most earth-shattering

  • extravagant milkshake.

  • It will be flowing over the top of your mason jar like

  • Muffin Tops which despite what anyone tells you, are totally in style like

  • Style tattoos Note it.

  • These temporary tattoos look just like a shopping list, post it note, or reminder.

  • So stop frantically looking for that notepad because you.are.the.notepad.

  • So scratch some notes on your body and remember...

  • I scratch you because I love you.

  • And as always, thanks for watching.

Hey I'm Kevin and I have to say at this point, listen, it's pretty touch panel keyboard.


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毛皮ウォッチ!-- LÜT (Furry Watch! -- LÜT)

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