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  • Good morning, John.

  • I have been known to go to a sports game and sometimes during them,

  • I'll be having a particularly good time watching people do extraordinary athletic things,

  • and I'll be taken by the urge to just yell, like, "SPORTS!"

  • I do this, kind of half-and-half-y in a way that I don't, like, in the moment realize.

  • Like half of it is:

  • "I am having an enthusiastically good time with this minor league baseball game and this hot dog is excellent!"

  • And the other half is like,

  • "I am an intellectual and so while I am enjoying this,

  • I am enjoying it somewhat separately, and from an anthropological perspective, not like all these normal people."

  • Which is, of course, upon reflection... crappy!

  • I'm not being too hard on myself here.

  • Mostly, I recognize that the sports games I go to are not super easy to take seriously.

  • Like all of the Missoula Bruins are much better hockey players than I am. But they're also mostly teenagers.

  • It's not like I'm at an NFL game with the pomp and the fireworks and the triple digit ticket prices.

  • Sometimes, I think the Bruins would pay me to go as long, as I sign up to buy a certain amount of personal pan pizzas.

  • I enjoy enjoying things but I do have still a little bit of that "sports are dumb" mentality leftover

  • from when I was socially discounted and occasionally punched by athletic people when I was myself a teen.

  • This is understandable, but it becomes a bit more of a problem when you rationalize that perspective

  • 'cause really it's born in like,

  • "I'm not gonna like the things that the people who don't like me like!"

  • But instead of admitting why you're actually uninterested,

  • which is that you've been kind of socially excluded from enjoying this thing,

  • you end up with some half-assed argument about how

  • "Oh it's so exciting that a hockey puck

  • gets to be beyond the geometrically defined plane of the place where you don't want the hockey puck to go!

  • Woo, everybody's celebrating!"

  • "I'm such an intellectual. I understand where true meaning actually comes from which is..." [inhales]

  • "Duh um, oh shoot!"

  • All value is bestowed by humans

  • So when we say it matters that the ball went through the hoop, it matters!

  • If that makes you uncomfortable I wouldn't look too long at anything.

  • But I will admit, coming into your video, a certain lack of interest in the World Cup

  • Though by the end of the video I had a lot of questions that I was very curious about,

  • Particularly why all the teams seemed to have eleven people except for the Russian team, which has like 26!

  • But also: why did that video, which made me laugh so hard I peed a little, not get more views?

  • And I think maybe part of that is that Nerdfighters are probably a little bit more likely to be like me

  • than like you when it comes to sports enthusiasm.

  • But, as the one who was a little bit perplexed by the fanaticism of sports fans,

  • I want to make a case for the World Cup.

  • Caring about stuff is good

  • and having passions that you share with people who are otherwise somewhat dissimilar from you is maybe even better!

  • And the thing about the World Cup unlike, say the World Series, which will maybe occasionally have a Canadian team in it,

  • It really is a /World/ Cup soccer, and I apologize for using that word

  • But I am deeply American,

  • is a /world/ sport.

  • And the same way that the US and Russia and a bunch of other countries can work together on a space station,

  • and maybe that is an even loftier thing than the science that gets done there.

  • For one month, every two [four] years, the whole world works together to figure out who's best at a dumb game.

  • But honestly maybe there isn't anything less dumb than this.

  • We have these tribal instincts and so finding ways to focus them on something

  • that isn't violent, but instead it's beautiful!

  • It's a celebration of human skill and intellect and hard work and perseverance.

  • In other words, it's a celebration of a bunch of stuff that pretty much everybody can get on board for.

  • There's an equality of the pitch, an opportunity for nations to interact in a way that doesn't have anything to do with the

  • fraught mess of geopolitics.

  • The World Cup matters so much!

  • Without mattering too much at least to most people. So what I'm saying is maybe sports /are/ dumb.

  • And maybe that's the whole reason why sports /aren't/ dumb.

  • John, I'll see you on Tuesday.

  • Three things:

  • Oh my god I'm gonna be at VidCon a week from now.

  • I just uploaded a video on hankschannel about why I used to play hockey.

  • And we just relaunched a new design of, and I'm so happy about it

Good morning, John.


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スポーツはダサい (Sports are Dumb)

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