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  • Hey, Vsauce. Michael here, and if you need more DONG

  • don't worry, because I'm bringing you more things you could do online now, guys.

  • "JaydenMarkAnderson" recommended Clubcreate,

  • where you can make your own remixes right inside your browser.

  • As we listen to a song I made this morning, check out

  • LYTRO. It's a camera that records a scene's entire

  • light field, so it can be refocused after the fact. Just click

  • and see the results. On the simpler side, "mynameizLachlan" brings us

  • Small Man Chases Cursor, which is exactly

  • that. "DYLZAL" keeps it real with, where this guy

  • points

  • where you move your mouse and when you move your mouse towards his face

  • swats it away. "CaptainFsh" showed us a sweet way to calculate your age if you

  • lived on other planets.

  • Venus rotates on its axis so slowly that even though I'd 41 Venus years old there,

  • I'd only be 38 Venus days old. For some creativity

  • you've got to try Reimagine - The Game, if you haven't already. "Dadakara100"

  • recommended it and every level

  • is a whole new box of weird fun. If you want to slow things down and get dramatic like

  • "SillyFirecracker,"

  • use One Chance, a game where the world will

  • end in six days and you have to decide how to spend it. I played the entire game

  • last night and it was incredibly emotional, especially

  • because after I finished it I checked out Dear Photograph,

  • a site where people take photos from their childhood, revisit the locations

  • and hold the picture up to match.

  • Their messages and memories are amazing. If zombie defense strategy is more

  • your style, check out "MrFishguy4" four

  • and Rebuild, a turn-based game where you organize land-use,

  • exploratory campaigns and cross your fingers that you keep the survivors

  • alive and the human race

  • flourishing. Finally, On this site you can download a template

  • to

  • write on and then scan and upload. The site will turn your

  • own handwriting into your very own computer font. Nice.

  • So there you go. A bunch of cool things you can do online now guys.

  • Hey, great show, Michael. Wait,

  • are you Kevin from Vsauce? Yeah, how's it going?

  • It is fantastic to finally meet you face-to-face. Hey, you too. What brings you here?

  • Well, I just wanted to announce a brand new episode of Mind Blow over on

  • Vsauce2.

  • Right, right. Mind Blow on Vsauce2, because we're finally giving both channels an

  • identity. Yeah.

  • Vsauce is where I'm gonna be with funny stuff, products and geeky pranks.

  • Yeah, and Vsauce2 is going to be full of mind-blowing science,

  • facts and plenty of weirdos. And riddles, right?

  • So go click right here to watch Mind Blow on Vsauce2 if you haven't

  • already,

  • because, guys, it's a great thing to do online.

  • GDONG? Shhhhh.

  • As always,

  • thanks for watching.

Hey, Vsauce. Michael here, and if you need more DONG


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