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  • I win this one Bullets just become so much harder.

  • No, man, Those are the try Like the mega try hard I got a full sweat.

  • I wanna win.

  • No!

  • All the Christmas trees were gone too.

  • Looks like it's back of farming as is basically chest every four years.

  • Hello?

  • What am I looking at here?

  • Woman?

  • Oh, baby, The bloom is with us today Shitting Let's go do That was a nice string of kills Their did nice string of eliminations Oh, another mythic chef thrown away I missed the shot so much, dude, Another one stack, bro, This is stack like my loot right now for there being no Christmas trees, no presence and no jet.

  • I weapons my my mats, Let's go!

  • And a good movie is playing this weekend.

  • Yeah.

  • 1917 on Friday.

  • Did you know when to Golden Gloves?

  • Dude, I think there should be like a mini event today.

  • I feel like that should melt the snow or something.

  • Isis?

  • No silly entering appeal.

  • I like this right around when I when I am, There's just no way that someone is still here, I guess just so so, so rare for someone to actually be here right now.

  • Let me say that they would have had him in fighting literally since the beginning.

  • They probably already rotated out.

  • Or someone else's rotated in like me.

  • Flopper!

  • There it was.

  • Such an unnecessary are tagged.

  • People just want to let that guy No, I'm here.

  • I'm saying my presence, dude, about food.

  • The 200.

  • You haven't played it in three days sitting in this damn hospital.

  • Dual.

  • Listen, Rome, All right, watch a stream.

  • Tune in, Take a load off.

  • You'll be playing writer, That surgeon longer.

  • That's not some crazy recovery time.

  • It might very well, I'll be.

  • He actually turned around, huh?

  • I get that trap, huh?

  • I got that killed.

  • That's hilarious.

  • Like I, I'm sure play smart.

  • I wanted this one already seven eliminations, so I'm not gonna just sit on the edge.

  • Was suing.

  • This is Stone's gonna completely chunk over here by me.

  • It's really hard to see how much and I'll have when it's next to the snow.

  • This is all white.

  • Your trial is good.

  • Hey, Rollins.

  • There was a guy in here.

  • I saw him.

  • They just run up here.

  • Well, first ride D'oh!

  • Fall orders.

  • Our lights are no longer in Can, actually.

  • Can I get moderator to change my title like light sabers and presence have been removed.

  • Dude, I'm not gonna lie.

  • I didn't see that tree at first because he was, you know, a tree like, uh, Okay.

  • No, love.

  • You're good.

  • Lead through.

  • No.

  • And Rockets.

  • What?

  • My guy just jumps out of his one by one.

  • Takes the rocket hit.

  • I'm so good.

  • Oh, my God.

  • No, Mike, I was just sitting underneath the whole time.

  • Oh, okay.

  • On blood right there.

  • That was a good game.

I win this one Bullets just become so much harder.


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