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last winter, I watched in horror as the tube train doors trapped the pom pom of my bubble hat carried off into the darkness of the under.
So you're getting on the tube, or how did it tell us more?
Well, the chief, rephrase that.
Tell us anything you can think.
Wth e London tube network opened in the 18 sixties specifically about this story.
It was I was trying to get on a train.
I was late.
And I always run head forwards because it's the most aerodynamic.
Wait, I didn't want to miss this train because there was.
I have to wait two minutes for the next one will take any sort of race, which don't.
Where you gonna run through?
Uh, double tie.
The living room door.
It was a double doors.
I enjoyed him in Harry Potter.
Dole doubled.
00 I see.
I do.
I thought I was having a stroke.
Now talk us through what happened.
It's now trapped.
Yeah, the hats trapped because the doors are shut eye.
Perhaps foolishly, or perhaps sensibly, you be the judge that I have to say what it is.
First, I sort of recoil on that removes that.
And then I go, There's the hat writing there.
I and I thought at that point there's no point putting my head back in.
David, I've got a bobble hat.
Hey, may I keep it?
Put it on on.
Try and re enact for us.
Let's see you run.
That have to redo.
My hair will be an hour of your lives.
You're not going right.
These are my my doors.
How fast are you going to run at me?
Slower than you think.
Okay, Yeah.
We'll be able to see me coming.
Just get me.
Are you flirting?
I've never really known what flirting is, but let's see what happens and then we'll know is going to go now.
All the passengers are on board.
Please stand clear of the doors.
Thing is my only speaking you Cue me when you have your monologue.
Stand clear of the doors.
Staying clear.
Obviously, in reality, I was hurrying down the escalator people.
That's not how the underground work stand Clear of the doors.
Stand clear of the doors.
You missed it again.
Next one, you got a stand clear of the doors.
the doors are closing.
Is it true David seems to really have to make a lot of effort there to try and get through the tube doors?
No, I think anyone would know.
I think it's a lie, so they think it's a lie.
Were you lying or were you telling the truth?
Well, I waas lying.


David Mitchell's head TRAPPED in a tube door? | Would I Lie To You - BBC

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