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  • life has to be more than about solving problems.

  • You know, if if all that life is about is solving problems, why bother getting up in the morning that we things that inspire you, you know, that make you proud to be a member of humanity, And, you know, the Apollo program Suddenly an example of that.

  • It's only a handful of people went to the moon, and yet, actually, we all went to the moon.

  • We went with them like vicariously we shared in that adventure.

  • Um, I don't think anyone would say that.

  • That was a bad idea that that that was great.

  • Um, so way need we need more of those things would need At least we need some of those things.

  • And, uh, even if if if someone's in a completely different industry and different, completely different walk of life, it's still something that's gonna make you feel good about the world, Andi.

life has to be more than about solving problems.


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宇宙はなぜ私たちにインスピレーションを与えるのか?エロン・ムスク (Why Does Space Inspire Us? Elon Musk)

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