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  • you know, when we think about God, in the rare moments that there's any chance of me getting anywhere close to heaven, I think she might look and sound just like you.

  • This is what's called unbelievably greasy behaviour.

  • Beginning of the show.

  • I quite like it.

  • Skills at greasing men up.

  • Isn't that right, Theo?

  • One of the things about being around you whenever you see interviewed, read about you, you're just delightful.

  • You seem to be completely enjoyed and raptured in humanity.

  • Don't you sometimes just want to sit back and punch someone in?

  • The first thing is, is that I'm not violent, but there last time I wanted to punch somebody in the face It was when I had been persuaded to record a message for Anthony Joshua before his last huge fight against the Mexican on I said, No, I have a very bad luck thing.

  • If I wish people things, they said, No, Marv is Jerry Ward.

  • So against my better judgment, I did it.

  • So that's what I wanted to punch myself in the face because I made him lose Yes, by offering in my good luck wishes.

  • Next time, I'm not gonna say saying, I'm not going to say so.

  • Say, come speak and I won't So he lost because of you.

  • Me, that's called narcissism.

  • But they were remaining calm in a situation where you just feel angry.

  • I think I'm just so old, you know, you gotta gear up to rage, you justice con eso sort of Zen like you're kind of like the British version off the Dalai Lama, really, who recently said that the next llama could be in fact, she suggested should be rather, I'm politically correctly.

  • It should be a beautiful female.

  • Do you think would make a good llama?

  • I think you better be jerking because when I spoke the Dalai Lama, that might not be another damn high lama.

  • And if there was, the child would not be born in China on that.

  • The Children anyway, this I know, always found within about two or three years old, so I'm a little bit past sell by date.

  • Surely it's time for a female bond, don't you think?

  • I think it's time for women, spies, nations, things just not James Bond.

  • James Bond is man.

  • I did a documentary about Ian Fleming.

  • He wrote about a man called James Barton, who was an Englishman, and he described him vaguely and said he was of medium height, had a face that could be cruel.

  • And so you can't really make that into a woman.

  • I mean, if you do want to do that right, such an exciting thing is that it was a cruel face.

  • Could be treason.

  • May Jonah.

  • It's exhausting, isn't it?

  • We just so tired.

  • Didn't think when it's easier just to just to turn all those political pages over until something happens, because it's silly to worry yourself to death is like a dog chasing a match or something.

  • We just get around, around, around.

  • We don't know what's gonna happen yet because it hasn't happened.

  • So really, we just have to live each day.

  • I'm not gonna lie to you.

  • I love it.

  • All this.

  • This is my Love Island.

  • Best TV channel.

  • You know when you got the roller coaster like Oblivion Alton Towers and you go off the edge, just hoping that is enough track to carry you to the end.

  • But I'm enjoying that.

  • I mean, during the drop of the moment, it's exhilarating.

  • A theme park, Yes, well I don't I'm afraid of all those.

  • Yes, 100.

  • Listen, I might be the wrong person to talk about this about Alton Towers.

  • Frightening rides and things.

  • I never do them.

  • I can't even watch them.

  • They're frightening upside down, round around.

  • It would not do it.

  • So all of your entertainment is just pure missionary.

  • I think she's fantastic.

  • I think he's a gorgeous, brave girl, and she's doing something quite extreme because he said if I did this quietly or tweeted it or just wrote about it, nobody would notice.

  • Sometimes you have to do very huge and extreme things for people to take any notice of you.

  • And suddenly everyone who is this girl who is this amazing child and she's talking about something which actually affects the whole world, far more importantly than Brexit Farm or importantly.

you know, when we think about God, in the rare moments that there's any chance of me getting anywhere close to heaven, I think she might look and sound just like you.


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