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  • spacecraft.

  • Vespucci is on internal power and configured for lunch.

  • Stage one.

  • Fuel loads closed out, expressing for a strong bag.

  • Creature stage two.

  • Car alarms are opening Strong back retractors closed out.

  • Stage one lakh slowed, closed out stage.

  • Detox loaded.

  • Closed out.

  • Well, tonight is on internal power gets close outs.

  • Has started balkanize instead of this is the mission director.

  • Go for launch Gas.

  • Close outs are complete.

  • 15 seconds and 98 Seven six five four three two one zero Ignition.

  • Lift off.

  • Merry Christmas.

  • GPS vehicle is pitching down range.

  • Stage one prop is nominal power until I'm a tree nominal vehicle.

  • A supersonic vehicle is experiencing maximum aerodynamic pressure and back into until we go Stage separation confirmed and recognition.

  • If he has a safety, they're in separation.

  • Confirmed acquisition of signal Bermuda visited the following and nominal trajectory.

  • Stage two has entered terminal guidance.

  • I have to say Seiko.

  • Loss of signal expected.

  • Cape nominal orbital insertion.

  • Acquisition of signal Newfoundland.

  • Expected loss of signal.

  • Bermuda.

  • I was in New Hampshire.

  • Expected expected loss of signal.

  • Musicland Acquisition of signal.

  • Good.

  • Hilly.

  • Acquisition it.

  • Okay.

  • Expected loss of signal.

  • Could Hilly wasn't cycle at okay here as expected.

  • Acquisition of signal Dubai position A date Do Garcia Acquisition of signal.

  • Dubai Expected loss of signal.

  • Dubai acquisition of signal.

  • Western Australia It's a signal it D'oh!

  • Kristina is expected.

  • Expected loss of signal.

  • Mauritius Acquisition of signal Tasmania and recognition and back to Adam.

  • Nominal orbital insertion Expected loss of signal.

  • West Ranch.

  • Alia Acquisition of signal.

  • Auckland expected lots of signal.

  • Tasmania expected loss of signal.

  • Auckland of acquisition in Hawaii has expected acquisition of Signal.

  • Hawaii.

  • An acquisition of Vanderburgh acquisition.

  • South Texas Cape acquisition acquisition in New Hampshire is expected.

  • Bermuda acquisition Spacecraft separation confirmed.



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B2 中上級

GPS III 宇宙船01 (GPS III Space Vehicle 01)

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    林宜悉 に公開 2021 年 01 月 14 日