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  • Stage one Fuel.

  • It's goes down.

  • Stage one lakh slowed.

  • Closed out.

  • Stage two lakhs.

  • Loads closed out.

  • Falcon eyes on internal power.

  • Belkin, Anderson, start up this launch.

  • Director Falcon nine, go for launch.

  • Team T minus 15 seconds.

  • Vehicles configured for flight 10 9 eight, seven, 654321 Ignition.

  • Lift off the Falcon nine Already.

  • Inmates Vehicles check down.

  • Ranch profit nominal.

  • Power in telemetry are nominal.

  • Vehicle supersonic.

  • Yes, you can count on one first motion time.

  • 15 Colin 31 Colon 33 decimal 49 to you, T C.

  • Acquisition of signal help.

  • Rock vehicle has reached maximum aerodynamic pressure and back in until stage separation confirmed and recognition.

  • You want to read it?

  • Faring separation confirmed.

  • Stage well on booze.

  • Back.

  • Shut down.

  • Stage two on nominal trajectory.

  • What Stage one entry burn.

  • It started.

  • Stage one.

  • Entry baron.

  • Shut down.

  • Stage one FDs.

  • It's safe.

  • You want his trance?

  • Sonic your Egypt stage.

  • Want landing?

  • Bird has started.

  • Nine has landed.

  • Leading operatives moving all women, not $100 curry too.

  • Terminal stage two f T s have extra.

  • Don't signal.

  • Hawthorne is expected.

  • Nominal orbit insertion.

  • Most signal Vanderburgh as expected.

  • But what what acquisition of Signal Troll Plus the signal troll has expected.

  • Acquisition of signal South Africa acquisition of Signal Mauritius nominal orbit insertion Acquisition of signal Malindi spacecraft separation confirmed.

  • Well the signal.

  • South Africa, as expected.

  • Payload suppression confront.

  • I would like to play confirmed L O S marshals have expected because it's a signal to buy.

  • Payload has separated payload deployed Confirmed satellite separation confirmed.

  • Also signal Malindi has expected.

  • Spacecraft has separated.

  • Spacecraft deport Confirmed satellite have separated.

  • Final Iridium satellite suppression confront must have signaled by as expected.

Stage one Fuel.


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B2 中上級

イリジウムエイトミッション (Iridium-8 Mission)

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