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  • Sometimes people say, What is the business model for Mars?

  • And sometimes they think, Well, can can you mind Mars and bring things back like that is not a realistic business model for mosque, because it's always gonna be far cheaper to mind things on Earth and then on Mars.

  • But I do think that there's a business model where if you can reduce the cost of a flight to Mars or moving to Mars to around the cost of a middle class home in California, So maybe two around half a $1,000,000 then then I think you'd have enough.

  • People would buy a ticket and move to Mars to be part of creating a new planet on between part of kind of the founding team of a new civilization.

  • Seven billion people on earth.

  • Now, they'll be pretty eight billion by the midpoint of the century.

  • So even if one in a 1,000,000 people decided to do that, that's still 8000 people.

  • Um, and I don't think probably more than one million people would say do that.

  • So that's what I think is sort of the Mars business model of fuel, and ultimately Mars can probably export intellectual property like software and inventions and things like that.

  • If you can sort of beam it back with photons, that's sort of a better way to go.

Sometimes people say, What is the business model for Mars?


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火星のビジネスモデルとは?エロン・ムスク (What Is The Business Model For Mars? Elon Musk)

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