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  • goodness you don't quit phobia.

  • Wait, It's sailed Way trying to keep my composure.

  • Never sober, Never choking.

  • Always smoking Does Mr Getting Over?

  • Got it?

  • Because the kid to Cody's paint changer state insane and maintaining Safe to say the kicking Odie Forever Gang'll never switching Made Elaine and *** can't get over I can't measure the rebel baby boat where they get a packing heat over Big dripper Stand up in the ocean Everybody trapped in a week It'll be every emotion Made 1/2 a ticket out Promotion swisher sweet and keep me rolling But it will catch the out Got a ride around with Leo I got arrested I will Someone still got a passing car Even go people in need I'm a bitch and a figure for Let me put one I won't just come and go Many residents, people He's getting close I might put me in an Amazon bitch!

  • You're both celebrate this ticket so I can find the rest of the number One didn't even know how to make them a photo on my birthday.

  • I just want to live with the Caliph is But don't kill me, period.

  • Follow my hand in years in a row trick.

  • I feel like a tourist under one from the bottom.

  • So long my partners and values driving, you know I always lies in are gonna bust You can't put on a drippy a one of us how you run in the bears and a ton truck you got everybody Let me know how she bad with no sweat I can type up my lesson my last count, the money or felt like on type of some I'm entitled Get after they never run Rules.

  • My ***.

  • I gotta know who's that?

  • Rescue could get done like they keep me here, that coming back.

  • But it's Christmas out, but everybody has their way through college.

  • Scientology's minutes.

  • While I was thinking we should be laid in a good year for my problem is taking a while Get a bigger boat trip with that ***.

  • Best watchers touch up.

  • 40 designer built like the new being.

  • Think that's awesome.

  • I love you.

  • Can't go.

  • That kind of Cana just been able to get out of that.

  • I have a hard time finding whether we're treating her like a tight keep spell.

  • Wonder struck because on war check the chest.

  • Morphin Scott's doing Anna President 150.

  • Plan with your metal but the camera.

  • Because I am not a killer.

  • But don't tell me.

  • Spending rate 1002 You know, I wish lies and I'm gonna bust you.

  • Can't put on a drippy.

  • Ain't one of us, are you running the bears and a ton truck you got everybody.

  • Let me know how she bad with those where I can make money off that, like on typing something.

  • I'm entitled.

  • Get at me never.

goodness you don't quit phobia.


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リル・ベイビー - ヒートイン・アップ ft. ヴォーカリスト (Lil Baby - Heatin Up ft. Gunna)

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