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  • concert continues the worst testing operation ever in history with no luck.

  • Panic, Gold mining greenhorns Fred and Danny turned their hands to detecting right.

  • Is a few nuggets down there that Have you detected this bit before?

  • Not really.

  • So this is a bit of virgin detecting we're doing?

  • Yeah.

  • Critical.

  • Sure.

  • Uh, get out, Jordan, please.

  • Without a massive nugget.

  • Yeah, You're going, uh, copper wire.

  • That was in Vegas.

  • I'd say our odds are up 72 1 Definitely.

  • We're not going to get rich.

  • Oh, it'll be a teen here, you know, don't you?

  • Holy Oh, you're kidding.

  • That's massive.

  • Let me feel that May that was in the dirty.

  • That every lump of gold.

  • Unbelievable.

  • This one.

  • I can sold it at least $800.

  • Hey, Jordan, do you know when to sell the land anymore?

  • No.

  • Yeah.

  • Who?

  • I'm happy to.

  • I will A ways amazing.

  • Wow.

  • Well, guys, how'd you go?

  • I don't know.

  • You guys can't just dinner yet.

  • Working on it on the mining front.

  • We've got bad news.

  • Uh, we're pretty well dead in the water here.

  • Really?

  • They haven't got the proper clearances.

  • And without that, you would not mind.

  • So this is a no go.

  • It's a bummer that we can't mind here.

  • Why?

  • This is what we found.

  • So I suppose the plus side.

  • But, I mean, the ground is good ground.

  • Do you know what I mean?

  • It's like I feel like we're in the right area.

  • I guess there's gold here.

concert continues the worst testing operation ever in history with no luck.


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金属探知機で金塊を発見!?| ゴールドラッシュ:パーカーズ・トレイル (Metal Detector Finds a Gold Nugget! | Gold Rush: Parker's Trail)

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