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  • one group of heroes is getting some much deserved appreciation during a Corona virus pandemic.

  • Health care worker People around the world are cheering those on the front lines of the battle.

  • UK.

  • Held a collapse for carers event nationwide.

  • Toe honor National Health Service workers People show their love from their windows, balconies, porches and front doors.

  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson clapped outside.

  • 10.

  • Downing Street News came shortly afterward that Johnson himself has Cove in 19.

  • The future king and his siblings got in on the cheering act.

  • Two princes Charlotte, Prince Louis and Prince George put their hands together even as their family has been affected by the pandemic.

  • Your grandfather, Prince Charles, tested positive for the Corona virus.

  • The sentiment was echoed in France as Parisians tried to bolster the spirits of those responding to the crisis.

  • People in the Canadian city of Vancouver did the same noisemakers and applause echoed through a neighborhood.

  • One appreciative soul in Denmark's capital city of Copenhagen meets a noise with tambourines.

  • Let's just give a big hand to all the people and that's a guy sitting in supermarket.

  • It's the people work in the hospital.

  • It's the police it's the guy's living food.

  • It's everybody who is keeping them afloat and making sure that we'll get through this together.

  • In India, people across the country made some noise with pots and pans.

  • It's 1,000,000,000 plus.

  • Residents are being asked to heat up people's curfew to try to stem the spread of the virus scene played out in Belgium.

  • Some people even got into a dancing move.

  • Spain is one of the country's hardest hit by the pandemic.

  • Every Monday, healthcare workers and emergency responders honor each other with cheers, clapping and siren.

  • This scene took place outside of a hospital in Barcelona.

  • In Madrid.

  • It was health care workers cheering in this case for their first Corona virus patient, who was healthy enough to leave the hospital.

  • The new tradition of cheering Corona virus fighters may have begun in Italy.

  • Country has seen some of the highest numbers of Corona virus cases, and for weeks now its residents have given a long distance hand to doctors, nurses and others.

  • It's a noisy show of love with all the people who are working so hard to save the lives of others.

one group of heroes is getting some much deserved appreciation during a Corona virus pandemic.


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COVID-19 第一応答者が世界から拍手喝采 (COVID-19 First Responders Applauded the World Over)

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