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  • the president signing that massive relief bill into law.

  • The $2.2 trillion bill.

  • The biggest ever checks now on the way for millions suddenly out of a job.

  • Kyra Phillips breaks down the numbers.

  • Tonight the motion is adopted.

  • Theo President signing off on a $2 trillion stimulus.

  • That deal sealed after high drama members of Congress defying health advice, racing back to Washington on near empty planes through deserted airports after a last ditch attempt by Kentucky Republican Thomas Massey.

  • Force a roll call vote a request, a recorded vote, his demand overruled and blasted by both parties.

  • The president calling Massey Ah third rate grandstander members of Congress keeping physical distance from each other but voting together.

  • We will fight it together until we win together.

  • Right now, we're going to pass this legislation.

  • Those payments potentially going out in early April for those earning 75,000 or less $1200 plus 500 per child unemployment checks going up $600 for four months, benefits extended from 26 to 39 weeks and student loan payments suspended for six months with regard to those checks coming your way if you filed your taxes electronically in 2018 or 2019 and the Treasury has your direct deposit info.

  • That money will go right into your account.

  • Otherwise you'll get a check.

  • Payment should start rolling out early April.

  • David.

  • Not a moment too soon, Kira.

  • Thank you.

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos Here.

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the president signing that massive relief bill into law.


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トランプ氏、アメリカ人を助けるために2兆ドルの景気刺激策を承認|WNT (Trump approves $2 trillion stimulus to help Americans | WNT)

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