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  • panel start toasting those spices.

  • Keep the pan nice and low.

  • Cuban.

  • Very aromatic, very fragrant, and it's almost like a life spice.

  • Next, coriander seeds, coriander.

  • And now I'm gonna get a bit of heat in the chutney.

  • Mustard seeds What smaller coriander seeds but so much more powerful must season no colleagues.

  • That actually smells much dry, but the flavor give off his extraordinary policing, bringing before the burn.

  • Otherwise, you have that bitter taste across the chutney.

  • Keep the gas nice and loathe.

  • Secret is sort of toasting.

  • So releases that oil intensifies spice touch of salt.

  • And then we have a small, powerful chilis.

  • Keep them whole.

  • No one's gonna eat them, but it gives that real nice burst of heat.

  • Now let them toast gently there.

  • Another chop the onion grated.

  • Why?

  • Because it sort of breaks down Really nice puree in the channel you integrated.

  • Hold the root in the palm of your hand.

  • Just push.

  • Nice, long freight.

  • One is nice.

  • Long shards.

  • Look, I've always got a nice sort of onion puree, but it's nice and clear.

  • A touch.

  • Available.

  • Spices nicely toasted Museum.

  • Three nights close the garlic crystal lay it flat.

  • I just sliced the galley license slices.

  • I got a kid taking the time to get the owners caramelized beautifully.

  • Really Reap rewards in the long run.

  • Tempering.

  • Place sugar in with sugar.

  • 1st 3 nice tablespoons of sugar that will give a really nice Sara Perfect.

  • That's a nice, rich, syrupy texture to the chump tamarind paste.

  • You could get tamarind paste in most Delhi's on the big supermarkets.

  • It's really nice figure in Asian, but give that timeless chutney and it's sort of rich, sugary, spicy.

  • Next, my coconut had 49 tablespoons that would give a nice body really nice texture to the chaplain.

  • Could that coconut out?

  • And now on the cat grated carrot.

  • Just give the chutney arena.

  • I sort of fun ish but also helps us sort of cool down the spice.

  • Harrison.

  • The water comes out.

  • The cat flavors trouble beautifully because that nice sort of vibrant, bright color to it as well, grating it almost sort of cooks instantly.

  • But I want to be a texture through here.

  • Turned on the gas.

  • Just let that simmer for five minutes, but the car's arm that moist, juicy, then a couple tablespoons of water and help it along.

  • Well, just put that out for five minutes.

  • Just those carrots Don't go nice and soft.

  • Don't overcook them on that nice texture in there.

  • Slightly spicy sweet gas off.

  • Keep those chilies in there for that beautiful, gooey, delicious ready to go on.

  • His job was that sits in the fridge.

  • It just gets better, better and better.

  • I love to eat this chutney with cold meats or even cold fish, but with ham, it's amazing.

  • It's a really nice way of livening up the ham.

  • Just roll it up, get a nice spoon of chutney.

  • I mean, it looks fantastic.

  • Chuck me onto the plate and serve.

  • That is a nice little gem in the fridge that is worth prepping in advance for okay.

panel start toasting those spices.


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スパイス入りにんじんとココナッツのチャツネ|ゴードン・ラムジー (Spiced Carrot and Coconut Chutney | Gordon Ramsay)

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