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  • I went to the protest today.

  • To go and show my support ... with the Taiwanese people standing for at the moment, or the students.

  • To stand up for what you believe in.

  • To not let some, some countries to push you about

  • And if you feel there's an injustice being done

  • To... to step out and say something

  • There's a lot of people there, not a lot of trash cans

  • and I saw students walking around

  • with trash bags cleaning out the trash, keeping the place quiet

  • I just hope that

  • they get what they want to get what they are fighting for

  • I tried to look for French Newspaper on the internet if I could find any article in French

  • and actually the thing is that... France doesn't talk about Taiwanese press at all

  • so I'm pretty sure in my country, nobody knows about it

  • Taiwanese students, this younger generation are passionate about their country

  • and I think that's very valuable asset to this Taiwanese democracy

  • because in this day and age, we need people to care more and this is exactly what they are doing

  • Because I am also a student and I admire your courage

  • So I wanna wish you guys the best to luck

  • Hello guys, I am in Tainan right now

  • But my heart is in Taipei with all you guys

  • Good luck

  • Power to the people

  • If you care about Taiwan, make sure you subscribe to STOP KIDDIN STUDIO

I went to the protest today.


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