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  • Friday... March 21st... is Cancer Prevention Day in Korea---a day dedicated to raising

  • awareness... and encouraging prevention. Marking the occasion..., we look into how

  • much Koreans are exposed to the devastating effects of this disease that knows no boundaries...

  • and what can be done to prevent it. Our Kwon Soa reports. Cancer is the number

  • one cause of death in Korea,... and the number of cancer patients in the nation has been

  • on a steady rise in recent years. From 2001 to 2011, the total nearly doubled.

  • The most common types of cancer in Korea are gastric cancer and colorectal cancer for men,

  • and thyroid and breast cancer for women.

  • One logical reason for the rise is that people are living longer these days.

  • "If we don't prevent this deadly disease then almost every family will make a big burden

  • for the treatment of cancer, because the instance at this time is one out of three in adults,

  • but I predict that it'll be one out of two in the near future, because of aging process."

  • However, the number of cancer patients in their twenties and thirties is increasing

  • as well. Some doctors say that could be because the

  • disease is being detected more effectively and at earlier stages.

  • "We have better machines for taking pictures, and particularly ultrasound, and then in Korea

  • we have probably the best health care system at this time in the world.

  • So, everybody seems to have routine check-ups."

  • The nation has 10 Codes of Conduct for Cancer Prevention.

  • They include not smoking, maintaining a balanced diet, limiting salt and alcohol intake, and

  • exercising regularly.

  • "As an old saying, 'cancer prevention is better than treatment' and the World Health Organization

  • designated March 21st as cancer prevention day. The Korean government and National Cancer

  • Center Korea recognizes this day... to raise the public awareness."

  • "The World Health Organization says a third of all cancers can be averted through preventative

  • measures... and doctors still stress that 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

  • Kwon Soa, Arirang News."

Friday... March 21st... is Cancer Prevention Day in Korea---a day dedicated to raising


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韓国はがん予防の面でどこに立っているのか? (Where does Korea stand in terms of cancer prevention?)

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