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  • as well as containing public fear.

  • In the last hour, Italy said 24 people have died in the last 24 hours, taking the total death there to 79.

  • More than 90,000 people are infected worldwide, with 3100 deaths.

  • At least 70 countries air affected the latest report cases.

  • Morocco and Ukraine.

  • The French government is requisitioning all current and future stocks of protective masks, reserving them for health professionals and victims of the virus there.

  • South Korea saw 851.

  • New case is largely in and around the city off Dae Gu.

  • Its biggest daily increase in infections on Iran's supreme leader has put the country on a war footing.

  • 23 members of Parliament there have the virus.

  • 300,000 soldiers and volunteers could be mobilized.

  • Our warning.

  • There are some distressing images in this report from our international editor Lindsey, the supreme leader celebrating Natural Resources Day wearing disposable gloves, a resource that scene in short supply as novel Corona virus has swept Iran.

  • He seemed unworried even though 23 Iranian members of parliament and the health minister amongst those infected and two senior officials have died in Belle opening ceremony.

  • This disaster, in our opinion, is not that big.

  • There have bean and there are bigger disasters, some of which we have seen in our country in the past.

  • The people can, through prayers and seeking help and intercession from the Holy Imams.

  • Peace be upon him on the holy prophet of Islam eliminate many of the problems.

  • But this video, which is sources told me, was filmed at the behest.

  • My Sameh morgue in the holy city of Calm shows how serious this is.

  • We counted 48 bodies suggesting that the official countrywide death toll of 77 is an underestimate.

  • Had the burial ground outside, they enter the Corona virus victims in a special separate roads.

  • They're intoning prayers.

  • The voiceover says.

  • 80 have bean buried already.

  • I heard of another who died in calm today, a poet and Florrick, who was only 35 years old.

  • In Tehran, billboards give practical advice on hand washing and isolation, and many a wearing masks that people don't necessarily trust government information nor know what to do.

  • A lot of people I've spoken to do not trust the numbers.

  • There's a lot of confusion on sort of fake news, quack remedies being peddled as well.

  • People are saying if you drink saffron tea, it could cure Corona virus, which is of course not true.

  • But there's a lot of doubt over the government's official figure is so at the moment they're saying that there's about 2300 people infected where his unofficial estimates of saying that it's in the tens of thousands, so there's a huge gap.

  • Some prisoners are reported to be suffering the symptoms of the virus amongst them.

  • The British Iranian NASA means a Gari Ratcliffe, although the Iranian government says she's well today.

  • The judiciary spokesman said that 54,000 prisoners would be allowed out temporarily, but it's not clear if she'll be amongst them.

  • Yesterday, U.

  • N supplies, including badly needed surgical gowns and masks, arrived in Tehran.

  • At least 10 Iranian doctors are reported to have been infected, and there's a desperate shortage of testing kits.

  • But medical workers have reportedly being told that talking about the virus openly is room among goring and a threat to public security.

  • Official TV broadcaster up feet on the Iranian equivalent of the blitz spirit is invoked in a reference to the Iran Iraq war of the 19 eighties.

  • What?

  • But this is a different kind of war, which decades of economic decline sanctions on the government's reluctance to be open makes it difficult for the Islamic republic to fight.

as well as containing public fear.


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B1 中級 新型コロナウイルス 新型肺炎 COVID-19

コロナウイルスイランでは23人の憲兵が病気にかかっているという。 (Coronavirus: Iran says 23 MPs have disease)

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