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  • Ever wondered exactly what energy is? Does it come from fire, electricity, the energy

  • drinks we drink? Actually, it comes from all of those things!

  • Energy is what keeps the world going. Let me break it down for you.

  • The first thing you need to know is the law of conservation of energy.

  • It sounds hard but it’s actually simple. It means that energy cannot be created or

  • destroyed... ...but only converted between different forms.

  • Yes, you heard it right! Energy lasts forever. I’m serious!

  • It changes but never disappears entirely. So let’s look at some different forms of

  • energy. There’s electrical energy...

  • ...which is the current that goes from your plug point...

  • ... all the way to your lamp and lights it up.

  • Then there’s mechanical energy or what scientists call kinetic energy.

  • That’s the energy of movement. Like when you walk across the road...

  • ...or when a car’s wheels turn. Oops.

  • Well that was kinetic energy being transferred from the moving car to the pedestrian.

  • But that’s a whole other lesson. Let’s look at some more forms of energy.

  • Next, we have thermal energy. The biggest source is obviously the sun’s

  • rays... ...but it’s also the heat that cooks your

  • food. There’s also chemical energy...

  • ...which comes in the form of gasoline, oil and even the food we eat.

  • Finally, there’s nuclear energy... ...which comes from the splitting of atoms...

  • they do in nuclear power plants. Pretty cool, right?

  • So now you know some of the basics about energy. We know it comes in many forms.

  • Electrical, kinetic, thermal, chemical and nuclear.

  • And don’t forget the most important part. Energy cannot be created or destroyed;

  • it can only be converted between different forms.

  • And that’s the basic of energy! It’s so simple!

Ever wondered exactly what energy is? Does it come from fire, electricity, the energy


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エネルギーとは何か?- 物理学研究 (What is Energy? - Studi Physics)

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