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  • be being a bitch.

  • Still, that beach will ever be that Babel beat and I'm the hood.

  • Mona Lisa, break a *** in the pieces have to eggs and cheese and knickers on my circled like a piece of wait so exclusive on shopping is the Baltics out of little last close?

  • Only fake booties.

  • You're still talking cash.

  • I feel like what I'm on other every legs.

  • I would never trip home the *** if I had him.

  • That's my trash chute.

  • Amaze you back Amy and recorded.

  • But your engine bottom showing my *** private still was a p aul.

  • I'm showing beeping.

  • What's your bitch is really getting kind of boring.

  • If it ain't about the money, then you know I'm going to ignore it.

  • I have made a month of cleaning floors too much through people's games.

  • Head speech, Sam.

  • Any bigger they had still there.

  • Right?

  • But you noticed Pussy cat.

  • Oh, Jumper Pictured nineties.

  • Don't let that *** get your weapon.

  • Get you college.

  • Get a lamp.

  • It's just You can take your bitches chance like sugar.

  • But ain't she sweet?

be being a bitch.


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メーガン・テー・スタリオン - サヴェージ (作詞) (Megan Thee Stallion - Savage (Lyrics))

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