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thing is not a normal.
It's definitely one of the fastest pace.
Most interesting place, hands on experience.
But I've gotten here has been phenomenal.
I love it here.
This is probably the place.
Hi, I'm Julie Wong and I'm an intern with avionics.
Right now, I'm working on a receiver for the dragon and in order to navigate Dragon communicates with Idris, which is sad lights that NASA sent up.
Specifically, I'm working on the receiver that goes on dragons that will link up to those satellites.
Figure out where the capsules in space on the Navigator.
My name is David Larson, and I'm in the structure of department here.
It's basic state.
Sex is pretty awesome.
It's an incredible place to work.
You get to do things that don't gonna do anywhere else.
And as an intern, you gotta work on it.
You don't have to be a full time engineer to work on technologies and projects that are pushing boundaries of space flight time.
I mean, Joshua Man and I work in propulsion.
I have programming computer programming tests, which pretty much is how we determine whether or not our engines are operating to the right specifications.
so I'll do a lot of analysis on the different devices that you use to test them and make sure that they're running in the correct fashion.
Hi, my name is spreading Hardy our work with ground support equipment engineering and McGregor, Texas.
We're really more hands on, Get it done.
Sort of team.
I've learned a ton, especially what we do in ground support equipment.
I could take what I've learned and I could go toe oil field.
I could go to another aerospace industry.
I could go pretty much anywhere with all the stuff that I've learned.
I'm Jeff Ellen off.
I'm a test engineer focusing on dragon development.
I get to come to work and play with spaceships all day.
And what person wouldn't want that when an engine test happens?
It's the most incredible thing you could possibly think of.
Hi, my name's Cotino Magalie and I'm a launch Internet universe.
I work with all the electrical GSC, and it's basically commanding control of the side, so it's a lot of sensor reading and valve control.
I have learned a ton about actual hands on things that identikit from my schooling and also working with technicians I work with technicians every day.
My view every day driving into work is the ocean, and it's a little overcast right now, but it's usually sunny and it's a beautiful view.
Hello, my name is Ted Kaczmarek, and I am a launch in 10 that Cape Canaveral, working at lunch crowd is crazy, has so many different aspects to it, and you get to do absolutely everything here.
So I get to fulfill roles as a design engineer, working at my desk with modeling and analysis.
And then the next day I work in the build engineer, ordering materials and stunning drawings that missions.
I'd recommend this location to anybody, especially due to the fact that you get to act as an operations engineer and actually launch a rocket.
Basics is a great place for interns to find full time job.
By the end of my internship, I knew all of these processes and the approaches that space like took manufacturing.
So by the end of it, I could really kind of take whatever composite assembly was thrown at me and bring it to life here in the factory.
Mentors here are infinite.
You have you're starting out mentor for your engine internship in your group or department, and they will definitely feed down requirements that are expected of you.
But as you step out and step that work floor and start getting your hands dirty, and you have everyone from recent grads all the way to 30 or 40 year veterans over all the Basics internship program is certainly a great training regimen for full time work here or anywhere else.
You're engineering career, the benefits of being here, a space six free frozen yogurt.
We have Bonfires Beach.
I'm really looking forward to the aerospace games, Theo.
So last year, during my first internship, I think I'm about the second day I had decided that I sure want to work here.
Coming from an engineering standpoint, it's kind of the mecca of like places you can work and where to get experience.
I think that's basics.
Prepares is immensely like, well, for a full time job.
I think that this is probably one of the most challenging, economic and also life experiences of hot.
It's been an absolutely incredible experience.
I've learned more than I could possibly learn anywhere else and the people I've met and the things I've seen just okay?
It's nice to have a large group of other interns that are here that you hang out with you things with.
I've made friends last summer this summer that I'll probably for sex is also.
And if your engineering love rockets are passionate about what you do, this is definitely the place to be.


SpaceX Internships

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