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  • Hey everybody welcome back to Let's Talk this is me your trainer Meera. Wellthank you

  • two words combined have a really, really beautiful meaning to it, don't you think so? But you

  • know what they say these days, right? ‘Thank youis overrated and it’s said too many

  • times. But guys who has asked you to say thank you every time? I have got, ten different

  • variations the way you can thank people instead of saying the most overrated and overused

  • phrasethank you’. First thing to remember thank you are two different words so remember

  • that because I have seen this mistake quite often thank you is not one word they're two

  • separate words and it's a phrase. Alright, I'm going to quickly start the lesson because

  • I'm super excited for it. The first up isyou are a peach”. Thank you, okay? Now

  • even if you don't want to say this, why are we seeing you are a peach? Where peach represents

  • a fruit which is very, very sweet and people usually when they have a peach, they have

  • a smile on their face and you are actually complimenting someone that you were such a

  • sweet person to help me out and I thank you. That's why I would probably call, I would

  • say that you are a peach or you are a darling but it's so much cooler and such a new way

  • to actually mention and or say thank you. Okay, moving on to the next one, “you are

  • my superhero”, okay? Imagine someone actually did something for you and they went out of

  • their way. Probably you asked someone to book your train tickets or flight tickets and they

  • did not even have time to do that yet they did it for you because you were in trouble.

  • So what can you say to them? You can just quickly message them or call them and tell

  • them thatyou are a superhero”. Well another instance you are in your office and

  • your boss comes to a desk and checks that were you working or were doing something else,

  • there comes your friend and rescues you and talks to you about the project as though that's

  • what you were working on. Once the boss goes you can compliment your colleague and say

  • you are my superhero you saved me thank you. Isn't it nice and fun and simple? Well next

  • up we havethe drink is on me”. Probably at this time you are so happy that someone

  • helped you that whether it's alcohol or non-alcoholic you tell them that hey you know what just

  • drink up I'd pay for them because I'm so happy because you helped me in something and this

  • is my way of thanking you sothe drink is on me”, okay? Well next we would like

  • to say, “I owe you one”. What does that mean? That means someone has done a favor,

  • right? Now there are different ways, people also writeboth are the same and both are

  • equally correct, “I owe you onewhich actually means someone has done you a favor

  • and you have to return it back to them whenever you feel like but you tell them you make sure

  • that you tell them that hey you helped me this one time I will make sure I will help

  • you again when the time is right and when you need my help so this one is on me and

  • I owe you one back and probably then they can expect something from you, alright? Okay

  • moving on from there, “a big bear hug waiting for you”. Someone has been so sweet to you,

  • someone has actually done something that you really wanted someone else to do and you can

  • just thank them by saying you know why I'm gonna come there I'm going to give you a nice

  • big bear hug the way a bear's hug is warm and soft and that's a way of just simply saying

  • thank you. “Big bear hugmeans a warm hug or a warm thank you mm-hmm, okaynext

  • upmy stomach wants to thank you”. You must have guessed it by now, it's all about

  • yummy food. You go to someone's house probably a friend or your friend's mother and they

  • cook delicious barbecue and pizzas and hotdogs don't you think you must thank them? But then

  • you realize just a plain simple thank you is not going to do justice, so you can always

  • tell them but I am thankful but my stomach too wants to thank you, right? This is related

  • to food usually that's a new way to compliment and thank someone at the same time. So go

  • ahead and use it the next time you eat yummy food even if it is in a restaurant you can

  • go in tell the chef that hey you know what thank you so much my stomach wants to thank

  • you too. Fun right? Moving onthis means a lot to me.” Another very, very decent

  • way of saying well the ones that I've mentioned here are truly informal and for your loved

  • ones your friends and family but this one you can also say to in a professional way

  • or something to someone formally as well which is completely fine. “This means a lot to

  • methank you. That means someone did something for you and it meant tremendously a lot to

  • you probably someone ended up giving you a chance to interview in a company you wanted

  • to well then not only you owe them one but also it means a lot to you and that's another

  • way of thanking someone. Okaythanks for having my back”. Usually your friends and

  • your family are the ones who would make this gesture for you. That means someone has helped

  • you in a way that you were falling apart not literally but yes even probably literally

  • and you were on a stage or something and you forgot something and someone came and supported

  • you and that is having someone's back. That's supporting, okay? Supporting your friends

  • and family and that is when you have their back. One way to thank them thanks for having

  • my back guys. Thanks for having my back dude, thank you so much. Don't you think it's a

  • very gentleman way of thanking someone? Well go ahead and use it the next time. Next up

  • we have ishow thoughtful of you”. Someone has done something for you with complete conscious

  • efforts that hey I'm going to go visit someone's house for dinner I will make sure that I probably

  • carry a bottle of wine or probably dessert for sweets right and then the host or hostess

  • can always say hey how thoughtful of you that you've got this with you. Another way of thanking

  • someone right, mind mindfully helping someone okay that's being thoughtful as in mindful.

  • You were being smart you were being careful and you gifted someone that that they needed

  • something that they needed that's being very thoughtful and that's why you were mindful

  • when you did that, okay? Moving on to the last one my favorite can be used for informally

  • specifically and that isCheers” a way of actually saying thank you with your heart

  • out with your probably hands out and your face up and you go like cheers thank you so

  • much that's great. You can type a message with Cheers or you can say it out loud well

  • that calls for a celebration but we're going to end a lesson here today. Never mind I'm

  • going to come back with another very thoughtful and very interesting lesson for all of you

  • just like today until then make sure that you practice, you keep smiling, probably you

  • thank someone in a new way, I will see you very soon this is me Meera signing off for

  • the day guys, bye.

Hey everybody welcome back to Let's Talk this is me your trainer Meera. Wellthank you


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