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  • Welcome to the Jonah show today. We have a special guest. We have my ex-girlfriend joining us today

  • So why don't you introduce yourself?

  • Yeah, so in case you didn't understand a joke

  • What I was saying is that I don't have an ex-girlfriend because I never had a girlfriend which is kind of true

  • I mean

  • I wouldn't consider the ones I had in middle school in high school real relationships

  • Because it wasn't really driven by love or anything

  • It was primarily driven by horniness and nothing else and then in college

  • It was really hard for me to be in a relationship

  • And the reason why was because I went to University of Waterloo now, it's not because darn any girls there

  • It's because we move every four months. So for a month, I would be in scrolling that format. That would be working

  • So if you meet a girl and you hit it off, you know

  • It's real nice and then three months later you have to move out and it's not worth being in a long-distance relationship

  • When you only met each other for like four months, so I think that's the primary reason why I was never in a relationship

  • And also because I'm a fucking slut by the way new videos every Thursday

  • I finally chose a schedule. I am going to post on Thursdays from now on at 12 p.m. Eastern Time

  • I even made a cover photo for it. So it's pretty dope. It's pretty official and

  • Yeah, and also a nerd thing

  • Don't forget to follow me on instagram at Jamal pot because from now on I'm going to livestream on Instagram

  • And the reason why I chose Instagram is because YouTube is getting too big for me and I can't have like a proper conversation

  • with you guys

  • So I chose Instagram to make it smaller so that at least I can have more of a conversation

  • Or I can answer all the questions

  • Alright, so today I am going to bring you guys to the office

  • Which is actually pretty cool because I finally got the approval to film at the office

  • The only thing is that I have to blur everything out

  • That's too sensitive or that HR said I can't film but yeah, I'm pretty sight. Alright, let's go. This is the gym this

  • And this is my desk and this is Sunmi the fuck. I'm not some me bro

  • I'm not even Korean and then now we are at the roof as you can see. It's a beautiful view

  • Alright, I hope you enjoyed that tour and now it's time to go back home

  • So now I'm gonna Cameron's I'm gonna say hello terms because it's been a while. I haven't seen them

  • Yo Cameron was pop it we go. What the fuck are you doing? Dude - what what what is this? It's nothing Oh,

  • Work

  • You were say you were coming at 2:30. I just a prize. Yeah, I mean come on man, dude

  • Why are you filming still do oh my god

  • You can't trike

  • It's a little sticky. Oh shit, dude. Yeah, this is actually pretty cool my god. It's so realistic

  • Holy shit

  • Alright I'll just do a little bit of coding. Alright, so let me just show you a dope ID. It's called Microsoft Word

  • I'll have you ever heard of that, but it's pretty damn cool cuz like check us out just like syntax highlighting

  • You know, you could just change the color like this

  • Change the color like that

  • So though, I mean, I don't think any IDE can

  • Customize your colors that much so yes, pretty much. This is like the dopest idea I've ever used so

  • Milano's is simple yet truly indulgent treat

  • Delicate in flavor and texture they have the power of persuasion

  • stronger than that of words appearances emotions or will

  • Legend says that no man has ever resisted the temptation of Milano's

  • Perfect balance of crisp cookies and rich luxurious charm

  • But they are impossible to find

  • All right, so I just want to tell you guys I went to VidCon a few days ago

  • And I actually had a lot of clips so funny, you know, I filmed a lot of people a lot of my co-workers

  • But I lost it all I'm very very sad. The only thing I have left are these clips?

  • So we have for the whole weekend I got

  • We hang out for the whole weekend sort of you feel like

  • Our bond is stronger now because we feel like it's much worse. I learned that you flirt by trying to quiz people about data science

  • Say something nice about me so that so that my audience can feel hashtag relatable to me. You know, I mean nice about

  • Okay, I'll just tell you what to say and you'll say it

  • Okay, you have to say, you know, Jonathan. No

  • Okay call you Jonathan?

  • I've never called you Jonathan because whenever people call me Jonathan it's like more since or warm, but How many people call you Jonathan? Not lot.

  • Is you Jonathan? sometimes

  • like in bed

  • Is anyone scream Joma in bed

  • Even like when you're, let me think because that's like kind of funny actually. They knows They

  • Never say my name's right in bed because it's not like they get excited or anything

  • You might say other people's name

  • Yes, say something like Joma

  • you could seem very silly at times and

  • sometimes even kind of mean but

  • In reality, he's actually a very sweet person and it was and that has shown multiple times today

  • Can you say that? You know.

  • Sometimes Joma seems kind of dumb kind of mean but uh turns out that's entirely true

  • I didn't say dump first of all

  • my god

  • I'm done for today

  • Thanks for watching the Vlog. Peace out. I didn't shave because this time I'm not sponsored by Dollar Shave Club

  • So that's why I couldn't shave but peace

  • That's what i look linke, when I having sex

Welcome to the Jonah show today. We have a special guest. We have my ex-girlfriend joining us today


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