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  • You've been learning all your life.

  • But are you really, really transforming?

  • Everyone claims they're learning, that they are a life-long learner,

  • that they have multiple degrees.

  • But learning is, in theory, a form of truly evolving the human being.

  • You see, there's a vast difference between learning and transformation.

  • I think learning is awesome.

  • But transformation, transformation is where it's at.

  • Learning is when you go to school and they teach you Biology.

  • Transformation though is when you truly understand how your body works,

  • in your nutrition, your exercise, your levels of longevity

  • are at a different level.

  • Learning is when you learn psychology.

  • Transformation is when you become a master of being able to connect with the people

  • around you and are able to create healthy relationships with everyone.

  • Learning is when you read philosophy.

  • But transformation, that's when you're able to truly go within and tap

  • into your spiritual core.

  • So as you can see, transformation is a whole different level of performing

  • as a human being.

  • But in our society, we rarely talk about transformation.

  • We, instead, get obsessed with learning.

  • I'm obsessed with transformation.

  • I'm obsessed with the idea that being human is one of the most incredible

  • opportunities we have, and that human beings should be

  • transforming themselves in every aspect of their being day by day.

  • Because as we transform and grow, we become not just our best selves,

  • but we live our soul's reason for being here and we're better able to serve other

  • human beings and other souls.

  • This is what Mindvalley is really about.

  • And in my life, there's one rule, and that rule is

  • "My self-growth, my transformation comes before everything else."

  • So in every single day of my life, in every interaction,

  • in every business I create or relationship I have, the question is,

  • "Is this helping me grow?"

  • Now, the last two years of my life have been really interesting.

  • I've been going through a lot of transformation, a lot of travel,

  • a lot of mentors.

  • Mindvalley has exploded, almost doubled and tripled in size.

  • And as I've gone through this rapid two-year journey, I've identified

  • three philosophies, three rules from some of the best minds out there.

  • And I found that when I take these three rules and I make them my core,

  • something magical happens in life.

  • Life becomes a lot easy.

  • You get serendipity on command.

  • It feels as if life is just flowing with you.

  • And it's almost as if you're witnessing magic on a daily basis.

  • And so I wanted to run a Masterclass to share these three rules

  • with everyone who's interested.

  • I strongly urge you to enroll in this Masterclass if you follow Mindvalley

  • or if you enjoy my work and my book because this is some of the most advanced

  • cutting-edge stuff I teach.

  • I'm attempting to summarize some of the greatest learnings I've had over the last

  • two years in this short Masterclass for you.

  • And you're going to go back with pages and pages and pages of wisdom

  • written in your journal as you listen and go on this Masterclass with me.

  • And that's not all because at the end of this Masterclass, I'm going to announce

  • a massive shift that we are bringing to Mindvalley that is going to dramatically

  • impact you and all our other students and I think you guys are really

  • going to love this.

You've been learning all your life.


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学習VS変容 (Learning VS Transformation)

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