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  • You know people have like three...

  • well, there are four fundamental fears.

  • One is fear of their own

  • inadequacy and malevolence. That's a big fear, man.

  • That can really do you in if you confront it

  • accidentally and fully.

  • Happens to soldiers sometimes in battle when they find themselves

  • doing things they can't believe they do.

  • And then we're afraid of society - that would be the oppressive patriarchy because

  • society judges us harshly and

  • mercilessly in many ways, and we don't like to

  • plummet in the...

  • What would you call it?

  • We don't like to see our reputation savaged in front of the groups that we identify with.

  • It's extraordinarily hard on us emotionally for that to happen.

  • Which I wrote about, for example, in Rule 1 which is

  • a chapter, at least in part, that details out the fact that the neurochemical systems

  • that track your comparative status

  • in competence hierarchies - also regulate the balance between your positive and negative

  • emotion; such that if you suffer a social defeat, your proclivity to

  • experience negative emotion radically increases

  • and your proclivity to experience positive emotion radically decreases. And people

  • seriously do not like that. And it's no wonder - because who wants to be

  • completely overwhelmed with sadness, and bitterness, and anxiety,

  • and resentment, and disappointment, and frustration, and grief and then, also,

  • devoid of happiness?

  • You know, it's the very definition of Hell.

  • And if a status defeat will increase that probability

  • then we will fight very hard to maintain our status positions,

  • which we certainly do - that's another fear.

  • And then, of course, we have the fear of nature. And we should

  • because, of course, nature,

  • despite being "the environment" and this thing that we should be striving to protect and maintain, is

  • also trying, with all of its might,

  • constantly: to make us ill, and old and

  • kill us; and is generally very successful at all three.

  • And so, there's every reason to be afraid of nature... and...

  • you know, one night alone in the bush will pretty much

  • convince you of that.

  • And then people are also afraid of the unknown.

  • And so those are the big categories of terror that human beings face.

  • And to be naked on stage is to face at least two or three of those simultaneously.

You know people have like three...


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オークランドクリップ2: 4つの基本的な恐怖 (Auckland Clip 2: The Four Fundamental Fears)

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