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  • War Eagle.

  • War Eagle.

  • War Eagle!

  • What's the status of the trees?

  • I'd never date a bammer.

  • Is it still alive or...

  • It only takes a second.

  • It only takes a second!

  • Carlson for Heisman.

  • I hate Harvey Updyke.

  • I hate Harvey Updyke.

  • I mean, I can at least respect Saban's talent.

  • What a low life.

  • Alabama fans love Alabama football.

  • Auburn fans love Auburn.

  • Get rid of it.

  • Oh my gosh!

  • Throw the flag.

  • What!?

  • What!??????

  • Why can't they leave the tree alone?

  • Why do they even say roll tide?

  • Leave the tree alone.

  • Their mascot's an elephant.

  • Wow!

  • War Eagle!

  • LSU lost today.

  • Hahaha.

  • What even is a rammer jammer?

  • If we had the playoffs in 04...

  • I miss Cam Newton.

  • I miss Nick Marshall.

  • I miss Chris Todd.

  • I'll take anyone right now.

  • I'll be glad when Nick Saban's gone.

  • It's a shaker.

  • It's not a pom-pom.

  • Why can't we score touchdowns?

  • Pick one QB.

  • Stop substituting.

  • Gus is an offensive genius.

  • Gus is on the hotseat.

  • We need to fire Gus.

  • Clemson copied our mascot.

  • I actually need to keep one of these cause I ran out of toilet paper.

  • Aubie's the best mascot of all time.

  • Tell no one.

  • He's won more championships than Nick Saban.

  • We have the best traditions.

  • If we lose next week, I'm not going to class.

  • Remember the Camback?

  • We need to play Sean White.

  • The Kick Six was better.

  • We need to play JF3.

  • If we lose next week, I'm not going to Skybar.

  • We need to play the freshman.

  • If we lose this game, I'm not going to church.

  • Gus is waisting the best defense we ever had.

  • Bo Jackson is the best athlete...

  • ...of all time.

  • Bo over the top.

  • At least our swimming team's good.

  • At least we have horseback riding.

  • Our softball team might not lose.

  • As long as we beat Bama.

  • As long as we beat Bama...that's what matters the most.

  • Ok...I like...

  • He's open!

  • He's open!!!!

  • Touchdown.

  • Touchdown!

  • Touchdown!!!!!

  • Touchdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Let's go!

  • War Eagle.

  • War Eagle!!!!!

  • I'm a grown man.

War Eagle.


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