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  • We focus on the idea of happiness too much

  • and the problem with that is that it takes our focus away from aims that would be more productive.

  • It's much better to aim for meaning than for happiness.

  • "12 Rules for Life" is about how to live properly in the face of

  • vulnerability, tragedy, and malevolence.

  • One of the propositions

  • in "12 Rules for Life" is that life

  • existance is

  • usefully characterized as an interplay between order and chaos or unknown and known.

  • You're always striving to balance those two.

  • If what you're doing is too familiar, you're bored;

  • and if what you're doing is too unfamiliar, then you're anxious;

  • and what you want to do is find the harmonious line between those two,

  • and that's signified by meaning.

  • If you can get those things right, you can have your cake and eat it too.

  • I hope people can take away the idea that there is a mode of being

  • in the face of the vulnerability and tragedy of life

  • that is noble and powerful

  • and capable of sustaining them through the worst possible times without becoming corrupt and bitter.

  • 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

  • by Jordan B. Peterson

  • Learn more at

We focus on the idea of happiness too much


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人生の12のルール - ジョーダン・ピーターソン - 公式ブックトレーラー (12 Rules for Life - Jordan Peterson - Official Book Trailer)

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