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  • One year ago today I uploaded a video to YouTube about the difference between the UK, Great Britain and England.

  • At the time of the upload I've been living in London for about 8 years. And, while, I understood the basics of this foreign land...

  • I still had questions niggling at the back of my mind about all the other little pieces.

  • Such as the Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey. Who weren't exactly part of the UK, but were still somehow british.

  • One day while buying cream for my wife's coffee, I was confronted with this: 'Jersey Cows'.

  • And could no longer contain my irritation of my own ignorance. 'What are you Jersey Cows?' I wondered.

  • And why is the Union Jack on here if you're not part of the UK?

  • I went home to sort this out for once and all and, what I expected would take ten minutes...

  • But, as so often is the case when your starting point is the Wikipedia,

  • Ended up becoming a research project involving dozens of hours

  • To not feel like I completely wasted my time, I turned it into the video I eventually uploaded to YouTube.

  • I asked some locals what they thought and soon was attacked by the monster of viral videos.

  • Fast-forward to today and I now find myself in the odd position of being a socially reclusive guy...

  • Followed by a 100,000+ people, whose videos have been seen more than 10 million times.

  • Which is more than a bit overwhelming if I think about it too much.

  • But I want to say a huge 'Thank you' to each and every one of you.

  • Not personally of course as reading 100,000+ names at 1 second each would take about 28 hours.

  • But a general thank you - thank you so much for subscribing, watching and sharing my videos.

  • I also want to thank some YouTubers who've helped me along the way...

  • Including MinutePhysics, the VlogBrothers, Phil DeFranco - who, in a single week tripled my subscribers.

  • And in particular I want to thank Michael from VSauce, who was nice enough to meet up with me...

  • the physical world at the London Googleplex, which, getting to see the inside of made me feel 20% cooler,

  • ...where he encouraged me to make videos on a more regular schedule.

  • You, dear viewer, may know 1 or more of these guys but please subscribe to them all and encourage YouTube cross-pollination.

  • I don't know exactly where this channel is going to go in the future, but its been an interesting ride so far.

  • And, if you stay with me, I sincerely hope to keep making more stuff that you'll like.

  • Thanks again to all 100,000 of you!

One year ago today I uploaded a video to YouTube about the difference between the UK, Great Britain and England.


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