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  • So I'm I'm a maker.

  • I like to make things, and this is my biggest project that I've ever made on.

  • It's an eight by eight by eight red green blue que of lights.

  • Each light is sitting underneath a ping pong ball, which have all been drilled.

  • That's 512 Ping Pong balls there have been drilled to defuse the life.

  • It's actually really simple because in the base of new pixels near fixes the brand name.

  • It's like a of US 281 to be.

  • It's just basically one strip of lights.

  • It's actually just 512 lights here that are connected together like Christmas tree lights.

  • So when one doesn't work, the next 100 won't work.

  • Unfortunately, they control any microcontroller that can control in the epics a library to guard arino raspberry pi.

  • But my favorite is the microbe.

  • It just cause it's so small on cheap kids can co this so you can use, like the scratch like language Make code, which is like blocks to code to this cube, which is what we're really hoping that people will do this weekend is they'll They'll hack the Cube and put their own designs in it.

  • I'm really boring.

  • I don't have any imagination.

  • So right now it's just doing the test grid of red, green, blue, um, a lot.

  • People just cubes.

  • They make them animations, which is a bit boring, so I thought I'd make it interactive.

  • So on this cube, because you can control each individual light you can play sneak on it so you can play three d stick.

  • So you move the stake in around the cube to eat the apple.

  • You could play Pac Man so the ghost chase you and try and eat you.

  • That's what I've done.

  • But again, I just want people to make their own games like give you two player palm microbe.

  • It has an accelerometer on it, so you've got lots potential for movement and dance of what you could make to interact with the Cube rather than watching someone else's designs, you know, interact to make your own designs.

  • So it's the BBC micro been It's like a character originally.

  • Just take the test, one that will stop and then you put the snake wouldn't, um, the back lights might not work.

  • So this is the snake, the green bowl on that Red Bull is the apple, so you have to use controller to get from the frontier to the back, which is really hard because you're driving in three dimensions.

  • The average score is only about 5 to 5 apples.

  • The max score, though, is 20.

  • Some guy with a really impressive you got 20.

  • We had a snake really loved to do Tetris toe.

  • Just I spent so much time in building this and assembling in bringing places.

  • I don't get to code it home, you know, it's never built a home.

  • It's always in to do the car.

  • So I would love to do and three D Tetris, because that would be particularly evil and difficult to play.

  • Code frame is the is the wiring, so each each wires ground in power and data is a data in from here.

  • They did in data out today, too, in date, out to the three wire is going between.

  • Each life on goes like that.

  • So it's a bit awkward to code because this is like zero is his light seven.

  • This is like eight.

  • This is like 15.

  • Because of the way the data travels together, the frame is the wiring, which is what's brilliant about it.

  • Looks neat.

  • Look like a cube when it's lit up in the dark.

  • It looks really good on.

  • We're looking at lots of connections and things like that is a temperamental This is version to throw.

  • This is much more reliable inversion one because of these copper rods to the 1st 1 was steel.

  • These are cover code, our inroads So they're stronger on their easier.

  • Thio sold on to sow the first version.

  • It was galvanized steel, which is the worst thing ever to try and solder on T S O the 1st 1 We had eight spare columns and eventually went trouble then because eventually broke this one.

  • I have no spare columns and it's been fine.

  • I've brought it about Ireland.

  • Brought it to game coded odio I brought pie wars have been to Leeds Newcastle.

  • So yeah, this is this travels a lot better, a lot sturdier.

  • It's awkward because the size of it, but it flats out like these.

  • Each of these columns come out and it travels.

  • If it's in the boot of my husband's care and that z nothing, I'm not gonna feel anything bigger because it needs to fit on that.

  • But I'm not renting a van for my next project, so this is where my office is.

  • Hopefully, you'll be up icon in Cardiff to the Python conference, but you can use a micro python, obviously the raspberry pi, to control it as you can use place to do it.

  • Then I work at Lancaster University.

  • They're dying for me to leave this in the boy off the computer science building and they'll they'll hack it.

  • That's what I want on people, toe.

  • Hackett wanted to go somewhere where people actually make things for it rather than a display peas.

  • Figure that out.

  • Once you get inside, it's pretty hard to confuse them for a working time and get this.

So I'm I'm a maker.


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