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  • right again.

  • Seems now right now in a casualty evacuation situation.

  • Basic means one of you is a casualty in the rest of you need to get round into an extraction point in that direction.

  • The room will be marked by May, as I'll be up front.

  • However, you need to keep your eyes open for me because I ain't fucking hanging around so yourselves.

  • Out.

  • Grab a stretcher.

  • Get this shit going.

  • Working, fucking carrying their casualties and in addition or 150 kilograms of equipment teams must now race to the coast three kilometers away.

  • Fucking man home.

  • Nice, long straight Taking charge of team ofa is number 15.

  • You take him No pain, No, You're going to Bravo 50 meters behind with recruit number nine.

  • He's already God.

  • Yeah, World war Fuck Sight down.

  • Fucking shoulders the fucking stretch off, talking aboutthe when you carry a Carson for real.

  • The camera sees not jumping on your shoulders and support your weight on my back.

  • Three, this is 14 stone off dead weight.

  • Such a team for have extended their lead to 300 meters way.

  • Bravo.

  • Now trundling my 600 meters usual six member number 19.

  • What good are you there?

  • You fucking teams down there?

  • Nowhere to nowhere.

  • Background is we need you a little bit closer, Kirsty to meet you guys.

  • I'm probably stronger than I look.

  • I like to push myself to do it on train and runs.

  • If I feel sick, that's fine.

  • I'm gonna vomit.

  • Best find.

  • That just means I'm training rating really hard.

  • I would not be w I'm gonna be sick.

  • Oh, shit.

  • Thank you.

  • See?

  • Okay, So casting Listen green great.

  • Like the rest of you.

  • Any for this last year between men and women.

  • Just like last hill.

  • Okay.

  • Following the collapse of remember Tuan Kirsty, the chief instructor decides to change the teams.

  • Your one team number 20?

  • Yes.

  • Stuff you will be the casualty.

right again.


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