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  • Marcos introduces Chris and Jerry to the properties Caretaker Don Alfredo?

  • No, not for help.

  • When?

  • Two years Seki Passaro To assist a hint.

  • The A key commando scandal Courses e jeweler must earn your general discovered they drained the lake.

  • People have been so intent on finding treasure Nave drain the lake twice because they thought that there was treasure under the water.

  • You going the way we do?

  • Risky.

  • You go hunting?

  • No.

  • Totally.

  • Four months ago, people were here Europe.

  • Still people coming to this Finca looking for stuff that Gustavo supposedly buried.

  • You know of anybody who found anything before items of value at this finger now, control?

  • Not so There's a question coming.

  • No, se nada.

  • Okay, Johnny, killers have mothers report.

  • Okay.

  • Hey, my assessment talking Alfredo is this.

  • He's not giving up any information about that jewelry that I saw in meditating in Marcus's office because he doesn't want it to come back on him.

  • He wants to disassociate himself from it because I don't think that's all that was there.

  • I don't think he thinks that's all that was there.

  • And he thinks he'd be under some sort of threat security risk for him and his family if it were to come out that he had something to do with those jewels.

  • But where they diagnose, burn me so but explore our Dickie and to take some stuff.

  • Okay, great.

  • Peddle your knowledge.

  • I do have your net in the chain.

  • We don't know all that.

  • Alfredo knows he's understandably concerned about a security.

  • He's keeping quiet about what was found there.

  • I don't blame him.

  • I would do the same thing.

  • You're not gonna advertise if you found items of value buried on your property.

  • But he's given us permission to search on this finger so that we can use our experience.

  • What we know about the Medellin cartel to try to locate anything that was buried on the property.

  • Did you see when we started asking questions about that?

  • Right now he's super nervous.

  • He knows a lot more than he's saying about what was found here.

  • It's good.

  • It's good.

  • That means there's something here.

Marcos introduces Chris and Jerry to the properties Caretaker Don Alfredo?


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数百万ドル相当の宝石が牧場に埋まっているかもしれない|エスコバルの数百万ドルを探す (Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Jewels May Be Buried In Ranch | Finding Escobar's Millions)

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