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  • the country I live in now doesn't bear any resemblance to the country I was born into.

  • And black people are so much freer now.

  • There's still this horrid thing in the ghetto.

  • This it's 30% 33% of black people still impoverished.

  • So I'm not saying that it is nearly over.

  • But we are so much freer of the feeling that well, every white person might do us damage or hurt us.

  • And we can't be free and expansive or that we have to be ashamed of our color.

  • I mean, a lot of people were strong enough and clear enough all forever.

  • Who said, Look, the race of racial problem in America is not about defects in black people's about defects and white people.

  • A lot of people really understood that in their gut, but not until the sixties did large masses of black people really begin to understand that and say, Hey, I have a right to be a human being.

  • I have a right to take a deep breath, you know, I do not have to be judged, and I don't have to care if I take a deep breath with this white man.

  • down here says about me.

  • And you know, I tell you something.

  • In the years since then, I have had negative, stupid judgments made about me by white people.

  • Some took bread out of my mouth.

  • You know, someone made me less well known.

  • And it never really hurt, because I'm really have a sense that most white people are not confident to judge me because they don't know where I've come from.

  • They have no sense of it.

  • They don't know what glories are in my achievements or in the achievements of most black people.

  • I know.

  • So you know, I'm making mad for a little while.

  • A white person does me wrong.

  • But by and large, I think well, what you get for living among people who were kind of diminished, culturally disadvantaged.

the country I live in now doesn't bear any resemblance to the country I was born into.


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彼は、黒人のためのより良いものがどれだけあるかを説明しています。 (He Describes How Much Better Things Are For Black Americans)

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