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  • Hey, Tek, wait here.

  • Now Apple has just finished announcing their new iPhone tens at their non event, where they announced the iPhone 10 as tennis Max and the 10 R.

  • And the key thing to note here is that there are going to be not just everywhere from hero, not just not just not just not just everywhere, but they took the original phone that invented the notch, the iPhone 10.

  • And then they triple that.

  • So you have the tennis tennis Max and 10 are, and all of them have not just and besides that, they didn't really do much.

  • They're just upgrade that the processor a little bit made things a little bit faster, such that you could run your machine learning models on your phone.

  • I don't really know anybody who actually does that, and that's about all you get now.

  • This is actually just the iPhone 10 but it looks just like the tennis.

  • You can imagine if it were just a little bit faster.

  • That's pretty much the tennis for you.

  • So that's the tennis everybody.

  • It runs about 100 trillion nano bit models per second, and that's what you can do with this phone.

  • It's also a little bit more waterproof, a little bit better.

  • Ah, high dynamic range a little bit better things here and there.

  • But it's pretty much the same cameras.

  • The same.

  • Everything is the same.

  • And, um, in fact, it's so similar that we're just going to discontinue the original.

  • I've owned 10 and just call this the new iPhone 10 s.

  • If you imagine everything, we're just a little bit bigger.

  • Like if I had to just stretch this 10% bigger, that's pretty much the iPhone 10 s.

  • Plus, I mean, Max, that 10% bigger screen size will cost you 10% extra.

  • It will be $1100 instead of $1000.

  • That is the tennis plus, I mean, Max, and then take up all your other spare parts, combined them together, mix it up, and you make something really funny.

  • And you call that the 10 R R says for really funny.

  • It is about 5% bigger than this phone, and you can imagine that if I were to just take the screen resolution and just degraded by like, 30% and then stretch out the screen bigger, that's pretty much the 10 are for you.

  • And unlike the eight plus were chest two cameras on the back.

  • The 10 are only has one camera on the back.

  • So really, what you're getting with the 10 are is you get that faster computing power so that you can run your machine learning models on there.

  • And I'm sure a lot of you guys out there have a lot of large big data says where you want to be running machine learning on.

  • And what you really need to do for this is you carry around the bigger phone you sacrifice screen resolution and everything just just scaled up and blurrier.

  • You give up that extra camera on the back, keep the LCD screen, but call it liquid retina so you don't have to tell people that and then give it the edge, the edge.

  • IPhone 10 economics where you get rid of the home.

  • But then give it the gesture based app switching.

  • Get rid of touch I D and use face idea instead.

  • And then you also just lose that three D touch capability just for kicks.

  • Just why not?

  • So there you go.

  • That's the whole two hour Apple keynote presentation in just a few minutes.

  • Really, I was disappointed that they didn't announce more emojis and an emojis for me.

  • I really love those.

  • And perhaps the biggest announcement, I would say, is that the iPhone seven and iPhone eight lineup has dropped in Price and iPhone Seven series is now 450 bucks.

  • And I think that the iPhone seven is really a great phone.

  • It's fast, it's waterproof, has a pretty decent camera on there.

  • And that 450 bucks.

  • It makes the whole IOS ecosystem much more accessible for people in the pretty nice hardware device package.

  • Let me know what you guys thought about the iPhone Tennis, tennis plus and 10 Our announcements.

  • Really curious to hear what you guys think.

  • If you like the video, give the like and subscribe.

  • But I don't see you next time.

Hey, Tek, wait here.


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