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  • you know this experiment, my favorite experiment.

  • And it's the best experiments, the most reproducible experiment that you could ever do.

  • And it's to take a glowing splint on.

  • Pop it into an oxygen rich atmosphere because what happens is the oxygen gets to the warm hot wood or the carbon and starts the combustion reaction again.

  • Yes, said.

  • This experiment really surprises you.

  • You see the flame, but you also see all of the combustion products.

  • You see water vapor, very small particles of carbon.

  • Now I have no idea what size they are, but the small and you can see them in the flame, and they're really glowing, really hot, excited.

you know this experiment, my favorite experiment.


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B1 中級

スプリントに火をつける(スローモーション) - 動画の周期表 (Lighting a Splint (slow motion) - Periodic Table of Videos)

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