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  • with the increased time many of us have at home, you may be spending more time on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, likely people on your feet or posting about the Corona virus.

  • But how do you separate fact from fiction Are Diane Macedo breaks it down for us?

  • They seem helpful.

  • Viral posts full of advice on how to treat Corona virus how to kill Corona virus even how to test for Corona virus?

  • The problem.

  • Many of them simply aren't true.

  • Like this viral post claiming drinking water every 15 minutes will flush the virus into your stomach, where acid will kill it.

  • The truth.

  • So that doesn't really pan out because it's more about that.

  • Just it Answer for a respiratory problem.

  • Another viral post claims specifically drinking warm water is effective against the virus.

  • I think that people have come up with this possibility because there has been some discussion over the virus replicating in our throats.

  • But again, this virus is a respiratory virus instead of drinking water.

  • This post falsely claims gargling with saltwater or vinegar eliminates the virus.

  • Short answer is no, but I found that people who have sore throats, which can be a symptom of the Kobe 19 virus, find that this helps relieve their sore throats.

  • And if that's the case, go for Some on YouTube Suggest drinking Miracle Mineral Solution or M.

  • M s, which the FDA says when prepared as instructed, becomes chlorine dioxide.

  • Chlorine dioxide kills every pathogen every virus, including the Corona virus.

  • But the FDA warns ingesting these products is the same as drinking bleach and has caused serious and potentially life threatening side effects.

  • What if you just want to know if you have the virus?

  • One post mentions you must have a dry cough and no runny nose.

  • But our own Kaylee Hartung, who tested positive for the virus, explains That's also not true.

  • It really all started with a runny nose about a week ago, and that was four days after I returned from a week spent in Seattle.

  • What was notable to me was that I wasn't having the symptoms that were being so closely associated with Corona virus.

  • I wasn't having any sort of a dry cough.

  • I didn't have any shortness of breath and I didn't feel any pressure on my chest, so it was easy for me at first to think this is nothing.

  • This is not something to be concerned about as an emergency position.

  • I've seen people come in with all types of symptoms, including a lack of smell diarrhea.

  • So the short answer is each person will probably have different symptoms to the Kobe 19 virus media, which will probably be my another post falsely claims you're not infected if you can hold your breath for more than 10 seconds without coughing.

  • Only some patients of presenting with the cough, so I would advise people not to hold their breath.

  • If you find that you have symptoms that are similar to a flu or cold at this point in time, just assume that you have Kobe 19 and self isolate yourself.

  • So with so much information out there, how do you spot a fake our partners at first draft news?

  • Advise asking yourself how the message makes you feel.

  • Does it make you want to buy something like share or subscribe?

  • Does it make you fear or hate someone, or do you find it funny or shocking?

  • Each of these conserve as a warning that you may be looking at misinformation and whenever possible, get your info from a vetted medical source like the CDC, World Health Organization or the National Institutes of Health.

  • One more thing you can do is check the supposed source of the information.

  • One of the post we mentioned claims to come from Stanford Hospital.

  • But if you go to Stanford's Facebook page, you see this message.

  • The Post did not come from Stanford Medicine.

  • So if you have questions about Cove in 19 go straight to a reputable source or ask your doctor.

  • And if you're not sure of something's true, don't share it.

  • Lindsay.

  • Super helpful tips.

  • There are things to you, Diane Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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with the increased time many of us have at home, you may be spending more time on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, likely people on your feet or posting about the Corona virus.


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コロナウイルスの神話。どのウイルスの投稿が真実ではないかを見分ける方法 (Coronavirus myths: How to identify which viral posts aren't true)

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