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  • From philosophers and historians to poets and scientists alike, love has captured our imagination and curiosity for centuries.

    哲学者や科学者から詩人や科学者に至るまで 分け隔てなく、何世紀もの間愛は私たちの想像力と好奇心を刺激してきました。

  • Many have experienced the rush of falling in love for the first time,


  • or the deep feelings of love for your children, family, and friends.

    また 子どもや家族や友人への深い愛情を抱きます。

  • But what is love from a biological perspective?


  • No doubt it's intertwined with the evolutionary survival of our species.


  • After all, you come from an unbroken line of organisms reproducing from the very first microbe that split in two,

    結局、私たちは途切れることのない生殖活動によって生まれてきます。 それは原始微生物の核分裂に始まり、太古の昔から先祖​​が順調に繰り返してきた 結婚にまで及びます。

  • to your ancestors who have all successfully mated since the dawn of time.

  • Sadly, if you fail to have children, this perfect streak comes to a halt.

    悲しいことですが、子どもを授からなかった場合 これまでの完全な系図は途切れていまいます。

  • But while we're driven to reproduce, we're also driven to make sure our offspring survive.

    しかし生殖の欲求に駆られる間は 促されて確実に子孫を残そうとします。

  • Though we often associate love with the heart, the true magic can be seen inside the brain.

    愛と心とを結びつけて考えることはよくありますが 本当に不思議なことが脳内で生じます。

  • It may not be entirely surprising to find out that the brain of somebody in love looks awfully similar to one on cocaine.

    それほど驚かないかもしれませんが 熱愛中の脳はコカイン中毒者の脳と非常によく似ています。

  • Cocaine acts on the pleasure centers in the brain by lowering the threshold at which they fire.


  • This means that you feel really good a lot easier.


  • We see the same thing in the brains of those in love, but it's not just the cocaine or the love that makes you feel good.


  • It's the fact that anything you experience will now more easily set off pleasure centers and make you feel good.


  • Because of this, you not only fall in love with the person, but begin to build a romanticized view of the world around you.


  • Interestingly, nearby pain and aversion centers begin to fire less, so you become less bothered by things.

    興味深いことに痛みや嫌悪などの中枢神経が鈍り始めるので 嫌なことが気にならなくなります。

  • Simply put, we love being in love.


  • So what chemicals are at work to make all this happen?

    では、どんな脳内物質が作用して このようなことを全て引き起こしているのでしょう?

  • Both during orgasm or by simply looking at photos of a loved one, there is a surge of dopamine and norepinephrine from the ventral tegmental area.

    オルガスムを感じているときや 愛する人の写真を見るだけで腹側被蓋野からドーパミンとノルエピネフリンが大量に放出されます。

  • This not only triggers sexual arousal and your racing heart, but gives you the motivation, craving, and desire to be with a person more and more.

    これにより胸がドキドキすると性的興奮を引き起こすだけでなく、やる気がわいてきて、ますます 相手と一緒にいたいと思うようになります。

  • You see, romantic love is not simply an emotion; it's a drive from the motor of the mind.


  • And this motor brings about intense energy, focused attention, and elation.


  • The pleasure centers are part of the brain's reward system: the mesolimbic dopamine system.


  • If you stimulate this region while learning, learning becomes much easier because it's pleasurable and perceived as a reward.


  • We also see a surge in the neuromodulator, oxytocin from the nucleus accumbens, sometimes called the "commitment neuromodulator" because, in mammals, it helps to reinforce bonding or attachment.


  • When prairie voles are injected with either oxytocin or vasopressin, they will instantly find a mate to pair bond with.


  • Finally, studies have shown that people in love have low levels of serotonin, which is similar to people with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

    最後に、研究によると熱愛中の人は セロトニンのレベルが低いことがわかっており、これは強迫性障害者の特徴と似ています。

  • This is likely the cause of our obsession and infatuation during early love.

    恋愛の初期段階においては、相手に 強く執着し夢中になることが原因だと思われます。

  • Amazingly, these areas associated with intense romantic love can remain active for decades.

    驚いたことに、情熱的なロマンチックな愛に関連する 快感中枢は、何十年もアクティブな状態を維持できます。

  • And while there are many other physiological and psychological components that add to the mix,

    他の生理的な要因や精神的な要因が いくつも絡み合って加わるのです。

  • the truth is, science still knows very little about exactly why or how love works.

    実際のところ、科学では愛がなぜどのように 作用するのか正確にはまだ解明できていません。

  • And yet somehow, we all seem to know it when we feel it.


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From philosophers and historians to poets and scientists alike, love has captured our imagination and curiosity for centuries.

哲学者や科学者から詩人や科学者に至るまで 分け隔てなく、何世紀もの間愛は私たちの想像力と好奇心を刺激してきました。

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